Cupid's Pulse Article: Travel Tips: Must-Taste Group Food Crawl Stops in San FranciscoCupid's Pulse Article: Travel Tips: Must-Taste Group Food Crawl Stops in San Francisco

The food culture in San Francisco is pretty wide-ranging, going from the basest of restaurants for burgers to vegan places that can cook up a storm. With a food culture as strong as this, it’s begging for a proper food crawl to happen. And when you have a large group of friends and a day which is free to explore your taste buds further, there can’t be any better opportunity.

One of the things you’d have to figure out is transportation, since, San Francisco does get quite crowded. For this, you can get bus rentals in San Francisco. This will allow you to plan activities as you travel and also look at the menu to prepare your own tasting versions that you can test. The kind of bus you’ll get would depend on the number of people you’re bringing and the places you want to visit. And to figure out the latter, you just have to see our list.

Check out these travel tips on the best food stops to visit in San Francisco:

1. Liholiho yacht club

A Hawaiian, Californian and Chinese restaurant managed by an Indian person, the Liholiho Yacht Club has always been a bit left of center. With an alluring minimalist decor and some of the most surprising dishes in town, this is the place to be if you want something upscale. We recommend the duck liver roast, which comes with some flavors that don’t seem to go together but, work immensely well. Remember to book reservations way in advanced, since this Hamilton bistro can be reserved for a long time. Remember the cardinal rule of a food crawl even though the food here is delicious, eat a variety of dishes, but, never eat your fill completely.

2. Cala

You can’t enjoy San Francisco without having one of their trademark Mexican food plates, and Cala does it better than anyone else. Check out the beautiful decor that comes straight out of the streets of Mexico and then enjoy one of their trademark Tostadas as you dig in. You will experience pure authentic Mexican cuisine here, since, the chef hails from the capital of Mexico herself and has been serving up a storm back at the Mexican capital too. Take up small tasting plates of finger food here and move on.

3. Tartine Manufactory

We’re yet to meet a first-time visitor to Tartine Manufactory who hasn’t been in complete awe. The restaurant boasts of everything from a fully functional bakery to a wine bar. Check out the freshly baked bread, and partake in some of the savory dishes from the restaurant (the Sea trout roe comes highly recommended) and make your way to the ice cream counter for a personal happy ending to a whole meal for each person of your group. Remember to partake of some of the wine selections too.

4. Spruce

Spruce is what five-star dining is supposed to be. Elegant but not stuffy, and just the right amount of fancy to make it all worth it. Spruce holds a distinction in being true to the Californian cuisine even now, bringing up some of the local dishes in the best way possible. Check out their roasted duck breast and whole meals for a satisfying experience. For this hot spot, book ahead because the seats tend to fill up fast.

5. State Bird Provisions

The eclectic flavors in Dim Sum forms are what State Bird Provisions excel in. While, this 45-seater restaurant has got rave reviews from every corner, what really clinches the place as a must is the fact that they pair up the most impossible of things just to get ahead. Check out the unusual pairings and book way ahead for the seats here, making sure that you don’t miss the delicacies that are offered.