Cupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Carve Your Way Into His HeartCupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Carve Your Way Into His Heart

By Emma L. Wells and Bonnie Griffin

This date idea begins at your local pumpkin patch, farmer’s market, or supermarket where you and your significant other can pick out the perfect pumpkins to decorate for Halloween. Don’t buy only two pumpkins; grab a bunch of different sizes so you can make your very own pumpkin patch. To strengthen your relationship and love on this date idea, all you need are some pumpkins and a little creativity!

Get Creative With This Pumpkin-Themed Date Idea

This date idea is a little messy but really fun. You can attempt all sorts of themes with your jack-o-lanterns. Try making scary and happy faces. If you’re really artistic, pull out all the stops and carve your pumpkins into someone’s likeness, like a celebrity or maybe even your beau. If you don’t feel like making faces, you can dress up your pumpkin in fun patterns instead. You don’t have to be skilled with a knife to make them look great! Consider decorating them with a little glue and glitter or paint to make a glitzy jack-o-lantern. It doesn’t matter how they turn out; the main thing is to give it your best shot and enjoy the time with your partner.

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You two may have so much fun that you’ll want to keep going! Spread your happiness around by buying smaller pumpkins and carving or decorating them to give as gifts to your friends and family. Place yours around your house, inside and out, to really get your home ready for Halloween.

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Carving pumpkins is also the perfect time for you and honey to discuss your Halloween costume ideas. Consider this dating advice and think about choosing a couples costume this year. Get into the spirit of this weekend date idea by munching on Halloween snacks and treats and putting on a Halloween playlist or movie to entertain and inspire you.

After you’re done with the carving and clean-up, you can even try your hand at making delicious dried pumpkin seeds from the leftovers. You and your partner will have plenty to talk about — like your favorite Halloween memory — as you express your creative side!

Have you and your mate carved pumpkins together before? Tell us about it below!