Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Workout: Take Leg Day to the Next Level like Jessica BielCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Workout: Take Leg Day to the Next Level like Jessica Biel

By Bonnie Griffin

These days there are so many different diets and workout programs around it can be hard to choose one that will work for you. Well, Jessica Biel keeps her legs toned with the most intense celebrity workout, doing a variation of skater squats. According to, Biel “is known for taking leg day to the next level.”

Fitness Trend: Want to up your leg game? Turn up your leg day like Jessica Biel in her celebrity workout.

Maybe you don’t have a trainer to push you to do ten sets of six intense skater squats to keep your legs toned like Jessica Biel’s, but you can turn up your leg day right from home. Remember, when you are building muscle, your body can can get strained, so it is important to space leg days at least forty-eight hours apart to give things time to heal. You don’t want to end up burning off the muscle you just worked so hard to gain. Here are some great leg workouts that will keep you sweating and have your legs looking like a celebrity’s in no time.

1. Goblet squats: This squat is one you can easily do at home. According to, you want to spread your feet wider than your hips, and sit back until your thighs are even with the floor, then come back up. Better yet, add in a dumbbell or kettle-bell and hold it chest height as you squat. Don’t have your own weights at home? No problem. Grab a gallon of water or the laundry detergent and put your strong leg game to work. For best results, try to complete at least three sets of ten reps and rest thirty seconds between each rep.

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2. Walking lunges: Walking lunges are challenging enough that no extra weight/resistance are required to put your legs through a great workout. However, if you feel like the lunges are too easy, or you feel like you want to push yourself a little more, grab that gallon of water again and hold it up to your chest with each lung you take. You should keep your feet hip-distance apart, and step three to four feet forward with one leg and bend the other knee. Rise up and step forward to lunge, then repeat.

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3. Step up: The step up workout can be easily done from home. Grab a small bench or chair that is no more than twenty-four inches from the ground. Lift one leg and step up, step down, and repeat with the other let going to the top of the chair first. If you want to add some extra “gain” to your workout, grab your dumbbells or gallon jug of water one more time.

Squats, lunges, and stepping up are all great ways to tone your legs and really take your leg days to all new heights. Let us know your favorite leg workouts in the comments below!