Cupid's Pulse Article: Product Review: Harlow’s HarvestCupid's Pulse Article: Product Review: Harlow’s Harvest

By Mara Miller

Do you have little chefs in your kitchen? Harlow knew it was important to learn how to cook nutritious, wholesome meals because most schools aren’t teaching kids how to cook, and it is often a life skill they lack by the time they go to college. Together with her mom, Ashley, they put together a subscription box, called Harlow’s Harvest.

Harlow and single mom Ashley put together Harlow’s Harvest to help teach kids how to cook in this fun subscription box. Learn more about it in our product review.

It’s important to note that at this time, Harlow’s Harvest does not include actual food in their meal kits, unlike other food subscription boxes. You’ll be signing your child(ren) up for the Harlow’s Harvest Cooking Academy, and each month they will get a kit that includes three recipes, a budgeting card, a cooking tool (such as a cookie cutter), and a pin of the month.

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The recipes are laminated so your kid(s) won’t need to worry about ruining them. You can save it for later if they love the recipe! They’ll learn to make things like pizzas, cookies, biscotti, and rainbow veggie pasta. The same box will never be sent twice.

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Each Harlow’s Harvest box puts a strong emphasis on history, geography, and budgeting. Your kids can learn about the food they’re cooking, and you can teach them to budget while buying groceries at the same time, something they will definitely need to know how to do when they are older.

If you want to try this great, educational subscription box for your kids, you can sign them up at the Harlow’s Harvest website. If you want it on a monthly basis, one box starts at $23. The six-month subscription is $126. And, if your kids really love Harlow’s Harvest, you can get them a yearly subscription for $228. The subscription is meant for kids between 4 to 15.

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