Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Couple News: Dean McDermott Defends Wife Tori Spelling Against Trolls Over Bikini PicCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Couple News: Dean McDermott Defends Wife Tori Spelling Against Trolls Over Bikini Pic

By Katie Sotack

In celebrity couple news, Dean McDermott is his wife, Tori Spelling’s knight in shining armor against internet haters. According to, yesterday Spelling posted a bikini clad photo of herself with her BH90210 co-stars, Jennie Garth and Gabrielle Carteris. Trolls took to the comment section. One even claimed that the women were “trying too hard to be relevant,” which is when McDermott stepped in. The 52-year-old actor clapped back with, “I love how you haters have private accts!! Let’s see what you trolls look like ya cowards!!!”

In celebrity couple news, Dean is standing up for his wife amid backlash. What are some ways to defend your partner against hateful comments?

Cupid’s Advice:

Nasty comments will never be a thing of the past. But, sometimes they cross a line and it’s time to defend your S.O.’s honor. Cupid has some great ideas for telling the trolls in the comment section to back off:

1. Shine the light: You could share McDermott’s approach and put your partner’s haters on full blast. It’s easy to make anonymous hate comments from behind a screen, but trolls’ malicious ways can rarely stand the spotlight.

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2. The comparison call out: It’s like watching a pro-athlete miss a shot and screaming that you can do better. You can’t. Challenge the haters on their critics. If they don’t think your partner’s doing it right, that’s fine, but can they beat them at their own game?

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3. Disengage: Sometimes engaging with the haters isn’t the best option. It can stir up a controversial internet war that you’re not ready for. If your partner’s upset about the internet trolls, suggesting putting the phone down and spending time one-on-one. There’s no better way to show that comments online don’t matter than forging strong relationships and living your best life outside the screen.

How have you defended a significant other to the online haters? Share your comments below.