Cupid's Pulse Article: Movie Review: HampsteadCupid's Pulse Article: Movie Review: Hampstead

By Mara Miller

If you’re craving a good romance starring Diane Keaton, this romance about an American widow in Hampstead falling for a grumpy Irish loner may be for you! Inspired by a true story, Emily gets more than she bargained for when she takes up a cause after Donald’s home is threatened by real estate developers. They fall in love while she tries to convince him to fight against those threatening his home. Check out our movie review.

In this movie review, Hampstead is a great date night movie!

Should you see it: Yes! This is a feel-good romance about fighting for what you believe and supporting your partner.

Who to take: Take your partner for a date night! Snuggle up with some nacho cheese and pretzels and enjoy.

Cupid’s Advice:

Seeing Emily support Donald through his tough times while they fall in love is inspiring. Cupid has some ideas on how you can be supportive of your partner through difficult times in a new relationship:

1. Be strong: Showing your partner that you can be strong for them when they need you will give them strength. It will show them that you have their back when no one else does.

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2. Try not to make it about you: No matter what it is that is making your partner face difficult times, try not to focus on your needs or wants. Doing so can make your partner feel unimportant and unloved.

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3. Encourage them: Encouraging your partner and trying to help them to face their issues will reinforce the fact that you are supportive and care about what they are going through. This is true no matter if it’s a new relationship or one that has lasted over ten years.

What are some other ways you can support your partner through difficult times? Cupid wants to know!