Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Parents: Duchess Meghan Plans to Take Baby Archie to NYC Over the SummerCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Parents: Duchess Meghan Plans to Take Baby Archie to NYC Over the Summer

By Mara Miller

The royal celebrity couple has been adjusting to life as celebrity parents well: Prince Harry is on diaper duty! In the latest celebrity news, Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry plan to take royal celebrity baby Archie to New York City this summer, according to They have plans to visit with the Duchess’ mother, Doria Ragland, and friends in America.

These celebrity parents are brave to travel internationally with an infant. What are some tips for traveling with a baby?

Cupid’s Advice: 

The standard recommendation is to wait until your baby is at least one month old before traveling, although some doctors recommend waiting until your little one is four to six months old so his or her immune system has enough time to become strong. Cupid has gathered some tips that might help if you do decide to travel:

1. Breastfeed if you can: Breastfeed your baby when he or she gets hungry. You don’t need to be shy about where you breastfeed and you won’t need to lug around any extra gear.

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2. Wear the baby: Instead of pushing around a clunky stroller, using a wrap to keep them close is an easier option. Your baby will love being near you and will likely go right to sleep!

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3. Forget the “nap schedule”: Don’t stress yourself out too much about having your baby on a schedule while you’re traveling. You don’t have to rush back to the hotel to make sure the baby will get rest: having him/her sleep in a stroller while you’re at a restaurant or exploring the area will be fine.

Do you have any more travel tips to share for parents traveling with their baby? Let us know in the comments below!