Cupid's Pulse Article: Product Review: Yes-No Tarot for MillennialsCupid's Pulse Article: Product Review: Yes-No Tarot for Millennials

If you are a millennial who wants to find an alternative to the traditional tarot reading where you can actually get precise “yes” or “no” answers to your questions, then the Yes-No Tarot deck of cards is the perfect choice for you. Like the traditional tarot reading, if used correctly, the Yes-No deck can guide you in your life’s journey.

In this product review, we explore why Yes-No Tarot can help you make important decisions.

You can ask the Yes-No Tarot deck of cards about anything that concerns you. Remember to ask the right questions if you want to receive the right answers. Here are a few examples:

1. Your daily concerns: Yes-No Tarot can ease your stress and put your mind at peace like traditional tarot cards. Ask questions pertaining to your education or about every day life problems. The cards can even help you decide on a time and place for travel!

2. Your work: Have you doubted your career choices recently? It’s understandable to be uncertain about what you want to do with your life career-wise. Yes-No Tarot may be able to guide you regarding your work.

3. Your love life: Love can be a tricky, but fun topic to ask the Yes-No deck about. Be sure to narrow down the question when asking questions about love. Think before you act, especially if you are asking a question regarding marriage.

4. Your finances: Are you having trouble managing your finances? Be sure to ask questions that are realistic. Tarot is only a guide to achieving your financial dreams, so you must do your part as well.


Remember you will only get “yes” or “no” answers from these tarot cards. Adding time frames and names will avoid any confusion on your part because Yes-No Tarot will only answer one way or the other. You can use the same technique for questions about your work, love, finances, and other topics. Look at some of the examples below to help:

1. Vacation:

  • Will next month be the right time to go to (name of the place)?
  • Is (name of the place) the right vacation spot for me?
  • Should I file my vacation leave on (time of date)?

2. Career:

  • Have I chosen the right kind of work even though it is far from where I live?
  • Should I take the job offered by (name of company or employer)?

3. Love Life:

  • Will (name of the person you like) talk to me tonight?
  • Should I try talking to (name of the person you like)?
  • Will (name of the person you like) ask me out on a date?

4. Finances:

  • Instead of traveling next month, should I save my money?
  • If I will reduce my electricity bills, can I save enough money to buy a new gaming console by December?

5. Education:

  • Is (name of school) the right kind of school for me?
  • Will I be ready to take the entrance exam of (name of school) next week?
  • Should I study (name of subject) first, instead of (name of subject)?


Again, like traditional tarot readings, the Yes-No deck is only a guide. If you receive a “yes” to a question you asked, think twice before you act on it, especially when it comes to life-changing decisions. Do not base your decision solely on tarot cards.


The preparation of Yes-No Tarot is the same as a traditional tarot reading. Be sure to shuffle the cards first. After shuffling, pull one card from the deck and look at the answer based on the interpretation you have made or the guide that you followed. However, you should note that there are different tarot spreads you can use in Yes-No Tarot.


With regards to interpretation, you can either make your own or follow an online guide. If you want to make your own, then there are two ways:


Keep it simple! If the card you pulled is in an upright position, then give it a “yes.” On the other hand, if the card you pulled is in a downward position, then give it a “no.”


Another option is to assign each card a yes, no, or even a maybe. The “yes” or “no” can be based on your intuition or on the image that you see. For example, if you pulled the Strength or Sun tarot, then it can be an automatic “yes.” If you pulled the Hanged Man tarot, then it can be an easy “no.”

When making your own “yes” or “no” tarot decisions, it is important to stay true to the answer even if you did not like the answer you received.


Find out more about Yes-No Tarot. This article can teach you about formulating questions, tarot spreads, and other kinds of information. Also, more than just a “yes” or “no” answer, the article can provide you with a short explanation for each card. Just click the link, and you can enhance your knowledge about Yes-No Tarot.