Cupid's Pulse Article: Relationship Advice: How To Spice Up Your MarriageCupid's Pulse Article: Relationship Advice: How To Spice Up Your Marriage

It’s not uncommon for married couples to fall out of touch as time goes on and their routine leaves less room for intimacy. The excitement that once characterized their relationship has all but run dry, and now, even their time in the bedroom feels dull and predictable. 

The good news is that every willing couple can reignite the passion in their marriage, and the process of exploring can be just as fun as the acts themselves.

If you’re on the hunt for some saucy ways you can surprise your spouse, here are a few tips. 

Start Texting Again
Send flirty messages throughout the day, and don’t be afraid to include a little dirty talk. Many couples might reserve text messages for chores and reminders, but this is a highly underestimated form of communication that can help build anticipation and make you feel appreciated. Let your partner know you’re thinking about them throughout the day … and what you’d like to do to them when they get home.

Go on Dates
Skip your usual restaurant and go exploring. Dress up in something sexy, including some nice lingerie underneath, and truly go the extra mile to wine-and-dine with your spouse like you did when you first met. If you’re both too tired from work and kids, that’s okay. Plan a romantic date night at home with rose petals, a candlelit dinner and some tasty dessert. Leave no stone unturned and pull out all the stops to impress your S/O.

Try New Positions
Couples tend to fall into synchronicity the longer they’re together, and that includes how they have sex. While a comfortable rhythm is great, it can also make you feel under stimulated and bored between the sheets. Look up some new positions and try them out. You may just wind up laughing together, which never hurt anyone. 

Experiment With New Toys
Buy a prostate massager, some vibrators, clamps or other sex toys that you’ve never tried before. You may feel funny using them at first, but it can be a great learning experience that will make physical intimacy fun again for you and your partner. You’ll also get a better feel (literally) for what you like, and this can be an exploratory period in your marriage that leads to greater satisfaction and fulfillment for both people. 

Dress Up
One of the best moments in a relationship is when you can just wear sweatpants in front of your significant other. But the comfort of a marriage can sometimes cause personal upkeep to fall to the wayside. Buy some new clothes and freshen up around your partner. The little effort goes a long way, and you can begin to feel as if you’re just starting to date again. 

Marriage is the end-goal for a lot of people, but it’s really just the beginning of an epic lifetime together. Don’t be afraid to communicate your needs with your partner. As long as you’re both committed to each other, you can overcome every obstacle and make each year together exciting and new.

How did you and your partner re-ignite your marriage? Share with us below.