Cupid's Pulse Article: Travel Tips: Top Attractions to Visit in AlbuquerqueCupid's Pulse Article: Travel Tips: Top Attractions to Visit in Albuquerque

If you are looking for great tourist attractions, the city of Albuquerque offers ample options to choose from. Albuquerque is a genuinely historic and fascinating destination to visit. With the rapid growth of the population over the years, there is a greater cultural diversity along with access to more and more facilities and amenities. At the same time, there are wonderful places to visit during your stay in the city, allowing you to enjoy an exciting vacation.

Here are the top attractions that you can visit while in Albuquerque:

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

For one of a kind festival annually which brings colour, excitement, and fun within the city, this International Balloon Fiesta presents more than 500 balloons. This festival takes place over nine days and offers visitors a magnificent way to enjoy entertainment, culture, and fun. Choosing real estate in Albuquerque is one key to experience such kind of festival yearly.

Cliff’s Amusement Park

Now, if you’re looking for a place to enjoy exciting family fun, thrills and entertainment, this amusement park seems to be the best choice. You can try almost everything including white knuckle rides, kiddie rides, water activities, and other facilities. The entire family will have an entertaining and memorable day and the attractions and rides suit all ages.

Sandia Peak Tramway

This one is a unique place to visit if you are in Albuquerque since it is known to have the longest span in the world and is also considered the longest aerial tram within the country. You can enjoy stunning views from Sandia mountains which stretch from the northeast part of the city. There could also be different activities at the top of Sandia Peak like biking and hiking.

Historic Old Town

If you want to get a real feel of their local history, don’t miss the chance of taking a walk through the historic old town area. This is known as a place which is ripe for exploring, and you will get a feel of the history right from its winding streets to its historic architecture. At the same, enjoy unique shopping experiences along with fascinating surroundings within the area.

Wagner’s Farmland Experience

Let’s consider a fascinating and unique attraction which would enable families to experience farm life. There are a number of outdoor activities which are designed to ensure a memorable and unique experience. You can see and do numbers of things making this a perfect place for an educational and fun day for the family.

Albuquerque Museum of Art and History

 This is a hugely famous attraction within the city. You can have both the history and the culture as you visit this museum while exploring a wide variety of exhibits and displays. The museum also has its impressive permanent collection and temporary exhibitions for the visitors to enjoy. Experience the fascinating and beautiful artifacts and collections on display, leading you to a great exploration of their culture and history.

Casa Rondena Winery

For those who enjoy wine and want to learn more about the way it is created, try visiting the Casa Rondena Winery. This winery provides truly sumptuous wines that could be enjoyed in fabulous surroundings. You might as well indulge yourself in the tasting room where you  get to sample all the wines that are made onsite.

Wildlife West Nature Park

Another great attraction is this wildlife refuge and zoo, with more than 20 animal species, all of which are native to New Mexico. You can find cougars, bear, foxes, and wolves. You might even book to stay overnight to experience an amazing adventure at the zoo. There could also be wide educational opportunities here, making this place perfect  to bring your kids for an enlightening and wonderful day out.

So, if you want to experience great trips or exciting attractions, no doubt you should be visiting Albuquerque. You’ll definitely have a worth remembering memories!

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