Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Divorce: Wendy Williams Confronted Husband About Allegedly Having a Baby with MistressCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Divorce: Wendy Williams Confronted Husband About Allegedly Having a Baby with Mistress

By Megan McIntosh

Wendy Williams is a part of a celebrity couple no more. According to, Wendy William is divorcing her long-time manager husband after over two decades of marriage. This is not an amicable split. Williams confronted her husband and “the split is definitely due to Kevin’s ongoing infidelity and that his mistress recently welcomed their child.” Despite the strain that this has put on Williams, she remains in high spirits, continues to battle her substance addiction, and “she’s ready to leave the sober living house and build a new life for her and her son.”

In celebrity divorce news, the drama is still raging between Wendy Williams and her ex. What are some ways to get through a split when you’re on bad terms with your ex?

Cupid’s Advice:

It can be hard to deal with a break up, it can be even harder to deal with a bad break up. Cupid has some ways to deal with an awful split:

1. Move ahead without closure: Sometimes closure just means moving on and continuing to live like Wendy Williams. Confrontation and arguments won’t always bring you that peace you’re looking for after a split. You sometimes have to make your own closure as the relationship is over, and it’s time to move on.

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2. Don’t rush it: You don’t need to move on with someone else quickly to fill the void or to get rid of the bad taste that your bad split has left you with. Focus on yourself and your family first. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with moving on from a split quickly like Chris Pratt when he divorced Anna Faris.

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3. Keep it civil: You don’t have to be friends after a bad split or after any kind of breakup. But it is important to remain civil especially if you have children or mutual friends. Treat them like acquaintances, be polite but you don’t have to be friendly.

How have you dealt when a relationship ended on bad terms? Share below!