Cupid's Pulse Article: Fergie Wants to Spend More Time with Husband Josh DuhamelCupid's Pulse Article: Fergie Wants to Spend More Time with Husband Josh Duhamel

Now that Fergie finally has a break from touring, the first thing on her agenda is spending more time with her husband Josh Duhamel. According to, Fergie says that her and Duhamel’s quality time consists primarily of listening to music and going down to North Dakota to visit Duhamel’s parents.  The singer says, “My husband and I like playing music from our childhood,” says Fergie.  “Music which makes a difference to us.  It’s a bonding thing. It’s nice to share music from your past with someone you love because you learn a lot more about the person.”

How can you carve out more time with your significant other?Cupid’s Advice:

Between work and kids, quality time with your partner is pretty hard to come by. Here are some tips on how to create more time with your significant other:

1. Date night: Set aside one night a week that you two have committed to each other. For that one night, every other responsibility must fall to the waist side, no matter what.

2. Breakfast: No matter what time each of you has work, make a set time to have breakfast with one another. It’s the only meal that is guaranteed.

3. Take a trip: As hard as it may be to take time off from work, whether its two days or five, make sure that at least once a year you are able to get away together as a couple.