Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: ‘Bachelor’ Colton Underwood Calls Cassie Rudolph His ‘Future Fiancee’ After Whirlwind ReconciliationCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: ‘Bachelor’ Colton Underwood Calls Cassie Rudolph His ‘Future Fiancee’ After Whirlwind Reconciliation

By Megan McIntosh

It looks like Colton Underwood is officially off the market! According to, Underwood reunited with Cassie Rudolph on the season finale of The Bachelor. Though it was difficult for Underwood to put into words his feelings for Rudolph, he posted on Instagram that he knows she’s his best friend, girlfriend, future fiancée, and future wife. Colton has finally found “The One.” Cassie, for her part, is on the same page. She posted on Instagram that Colton “has her heart.” Though they’re not planning a celebrity wedding just yet, the couple was presented with an engagement ring for future use.

In celebrity news, Colton is no longer a bachelor! What are some ways to know you’ve found “the one”?

Cupid’s Advice

Sometimes it takes a while to figure out that you’ve got a keeper, like Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus who had their share of celebrity break ups before they finally wed. Sometimes you figure it out right away that you’re meant to be with someone like Chris Pratt and fiancé Katherine Schwarzenegger, who had only gone public with their relationship a month before their engagement. Whether you’re getting married or moving in together, how do you know that you’re with “the one?”

1. They really listen: Remember when you said you hated being late, and your partner made sure you always had time to get where you needed to go? That’s because your partner listened to you. Whether it’s big or small, habits or life goals, your lover knows and understands what’s going on with you.

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2. You don’t drive each other crazy: Or if you do, it’s in a good way like butterflies and corny jokes. Your partner should be adding to your life and making your life easier. If you find that while living together, you just click; that’s probably because your partner is considerate of your needs. But even if you haven’t moved in together just yet, you could try going on a trip so that you can see just how well you do when it’s just you two together.

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3. You work together: Everything you and your partner do should be as a team. There’s no credit for the things you’ve built together. If you’re already talking about your future goals, both individually and as a couple, this may be a sign that it’s for keeps.

How did you know you found ‘The One?’ Share below!