Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Wedding News: J.Lo Was ‘Surprised’ When A-Rod Asked Her to Marry HimCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Wedding News: J.Lo Was ‘Surprised’ When A-Rod Asked Her to Marry Him

By Megan McIntosh

According to, Jennifer Lopez was in for quite the surprise when she went on vacation with her boyfriend of two years, Alex Rodriguez. This celebrity couple has had us wondering when they were going to get engaged for a while now, but it seems even J.Lo wasn’t aware of when it would happen. Both J.Lo and A-Rod seemed content to keep the relationship going as it was, but on their recent vacation in the Bahamas, A-Rod surprised J.Lo with a romantic proposal on the beach with a beautiful ring to match the momentous occasion.

In celebrity wedding news, Alex Rodriguez pulled off a grand surprise for Jennifer Lopez. What are some ways to pull off a romantic surprise?.

Cupid’s Advice:

Though a proposal may not be the surprise you’re ready to give your partner just yet, there are many other ways to surprise your lover that are super romantic and keep that spark alive. Cupid has some tips:

1. Breakfast in bed: It may seem like a stereotype, but you can’t go wrong with breakfast in bed. You get a chance to show off your cooking skills and make it so your partner starts their day on the right foot. It also gives you an excuse to spend a little extra time before you go about the normal business of your day.

2. Get them off their feet: Surprise your partner with a day that’s all about them. Give them a massage, make dinner, and run any little errands they may have needed to do.

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3. Unexpected vacation: If you know when your significant other has vacation days to be used, buy them a surprise ticket to a place they’ve always dreamed of going. Plan everything down to the last detail, but leave some room for any additions they may want to do once you both get there. Not ready to break the bank? Vacation in the country and stick to Airbnb, a vacation close to home is still a vacation.

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4. Surprise party: Have a get-together or party that’s all about your partner. If their birthday is near, then plan the birthday party they’ve always wanted. Go all out with a theme that let’s them really shine! If there’s no birthday party in the near future, you can still celebrate your partner. Just have a party or get together just to show off your love.

What are some ways you’ve surprised your partner in the past? Share below!