Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: Southern Belle Kady Krambeer Shares Details About Temptation Island ExperienceCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: Southern Belle Kady Krambeer Shares Details About Temptation Island Experience

Interview by Lori Bizzoco. Written by Courtney Shapiro

Kady Krambeer, a model, an artist, and entrepreneur joined the cast of  ‘Temptation Island’ this season to see if her current relationship was end game or if there would be another tempting man in her future. Krambeer started the season off with long-term boyfriend John Thurmond, but as the show progressed, she realized he might not be the one.

In our exclusive celebrity interview, we chat with Krambeer about why she decided to be a part of a reality TV show, what it was like being on ‘Temptation Island’ as well as advice for other couples faced with the same challenge.

Check out our celebrity interview with Kady Krambeer to hear all about her time on Temptation Island, the latest reality sensation:

1. We know the background about your relationship with John, but what inspired you to do the show and bring it public?

The opportunity came about and we were thinking for a while if we were the one for each other, So, we thought 1. this would be really fun and 2. this will help us find out.

2. Before the show, did you ever have any counseling or did you have any process that you went through to determine if your relationship should end or continue?

No, not any counseling. It was one of those things where we decided we would do it and then life got in the way. But, we were praying about the relationship, talking to friends about it but really we were kind of going through the mundane day to day life and putting it on the back burner.

3. In terms of the show, did you think you were going to find somebody on the show, or were you thinking it would make your relationship stronger with John?

Honestly, I didn’t think that I would find anyone that I had strong connection with. In fact, the days leading up to us [John and I] going to the island, and then the first few days of filming, John and I felt like we had actually gotten a lot closer and stronger and we kept making jokes to one another, questioning what we were even doing there. It was like okay, we got our answers we can leave. We are good. We felt really solid and probably more in love than ever. Then at that point it was too late to back out.

Then we were separated and a lot can happen when you are separated. Even if you are not putting other singles into the mix, it a time to self evaluate and reflect. So it takes the comfort out of your normal life. There were no cell phones, and no distractions. It really opens your mind. It was like relationship therapy, especially with the producers asking the tough questions.

4. Tell us how you’ve personally grown through this experience.

I feel like I’m a completely different person coming off of the island, than when I started the whole experience. I feel like I grew so much. My horizons have been broadened. I was in a bubble and I was really quick to judge people I realized and really quick to make assumptions. It really opened up my eyes to a lot of different possibilities and lifestyles, cultures, and people that really bring  perspective. It was really enlightening and it changed me. And then coming to be close with these people and establishing life long friendships makes me forever changed.

Then of course there is the growth that has come just since the show has aired. The fans that have positive and negative things to say. That is really hard to anticipate just how hard it is going to be and how it is going to effect you. That has helped me grow and made me realize that I am stronger than I ever thought I would be.

5.  How has the reaction been and how have you handled it?

I mean, it is mixed. I obviously have a lot of haters, but people are only getting a short little sliver and snippets of what is actually going on and there is so much more content that they are not seeing. So, they are making assumptions based off of what they are seeing regarding what type of person I am. Everyone there at the house knows my personality, but the viewers just think that I am awful. So, it has been tough. I try to ignore it, but there is only so much you can ignore and turn the other cheek and wear on your shoulders before that weight gets to you. It has been challenging. I try to rise above it and these people don’t know me. It is really what my friends and family think about me that is really all that matters.

6. Is there anything that you said or did that you regret?

Well, there are obviously cringe worthy things that I say. It is so embarrassing. But I think that I was very true to myself. I followed my heart.. to a fault. I was very open to the experience and everything that I was feeling. That is all that I ever wanted, was to stay true to myself. So, no. I don’t really have any regrets.

7. I know in one of the episodes you question John’s masculinity, and then you met Dr. Johnny, who you described as an alpha guy. What attracted you to Dr. Johnny and what makes him different than John?

Johnny is so charismatic, and he is loud and outgoing. He is so  super confident and super assertive. He was kind of like the dad of the household, and he just took care of everyone. You would just walk in the house and feel heard. He would just come in and start making food and be the provider for everyone. He was always making sure that I had something to drink and that I had something to eat. He is really a caretaker and I didn’t need to hold his hand and coddle him and tell him how to do stuff. I just loved his assertiveness and take charge attitude and confidence. That is what drew me to him.

8. Can you talk about your relationship with John or Dr. Johnny?

I just know that some big realizations came about on the island. Even after I came to these realizations, some old thoughts came creeping back up and so that is something that I struggle with for the rest of the season. I am kind of going back and forth. I was pretty confident in my decision but I was just back and forth. I kept second guessing myself and the rest of the season is a reflection of that and it shows the journey that I went through.

9. Do you have any guilt from the show?

Yes, I have guilt. I have guilt in respect to my relationship. Regardless of the relationship that was developing with Johnny, I was still ultimately in a relationship with John. It was hard on me to walk that tight rope. It was hard for me to be true to myself and still be respectful to my boyfriend.

10. Would you recommend this show for other couples? If not what would you suggest for other struggling couples?

Absolutely not. I do not recommend this for other couples. I don’t think it’s a good idea. I would not recommend it. It’s harder than people think. No matter how confident you are, you get there and realize how hard it is.

11. What would you recommend couples do if they are faced with the decision of whether they should stay or break off their relationship?

If you are in a place where you question your relationship and you are still in the dating stage, I think time apart is helpful to clear your mind but not on a platform of a reality show. Take some time apart and some time away. Go on vacation, by yourselves, unplugged. Give yourself time and breath, pray and go to counseling if you want to do some traditional things together as a couple.

11. What’s life like now that you are back in the real world and people are watching the show?

It’s funny because I feel like a normal person in my everyday life until I get online. When I get online that’s where things really circulate and that’s when I realize that people recognize me. And, online it really hits me that I am on a reality show. I get recognized out in public occasionally. It happens more when the three other girlfriends and I are together. I mean it is a cool feeling, but we are just like, we are just normal people who did this crazy thing.

12. What made you put the necklace around Katherine?

Literally when the girls walked out, she just stuck out to me. There was something about her. I don’t know if it was the energy she was putting off. I mean, obviously, she was beautiful. They are all  beautiful.

When she made her introduction, she was saying, she is a southern belle. It’s funny because what they didn’t show was that she messed up her first time coming out and saying her introduction. She actually cursed and had to start over. It was so funny and cute and charming that I thought, okay I like her and I don’t want to like her. So, I thought John would like her.

13. Is there anything else you can tell us from the show? Do you still talk to Dr. Johnny or John?

I still talk to everyone from the show. I don’t know what I can say right now.

14. Lastly, can you tell us what’s next for you?

I don’t know. Right now, I’m just focusing on myself and my career. I don’t really know. Whatever life throws my way. I’m a pretty spontaneous person and I’m all about seizing opportunities and I want to live life to the fullest. I have no set plans right now. I have a marketing firm that I am slowly getting off the ground. I am focusing on that and having fun.

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