Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Break-Up: Demi Lovato Splits from Fashion Designer Henri LevyCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Break-Up: Demi Lovato Splits from Fashion Designer Henri Levy

By Mara Miller

In the latest celebrity break-up news, Demi Lovato has called it quits with fashion designer Henri Levy, according to Both sober, the two met years ago in rehab and became friends. They sparked news of their celebrity relationship after they were spotted in early November 2018 enjoying a dinner date at Matsuhisa restaurant in Beverly Hills. Neither has commented on their split.

This celebrity break-up comes after only four months of dating. What are some ways to know your relationship has long-term potential?

Cupid’s Advice:

All new relationships have a honeymoon stage. Whether you decide to stick with your partner after a rough time or not is the true test of a relationship. Cupid has some advice on how to know when a relationship has long-term potential:

1. You feel like yourself with them: You’re okay with letting them see you limp in the morning because you tripped while walking the dog. You don’t care if your partner sees you with bed-head. You let them see you worrying because your paycheck wasn’t as large as you thought it would be. While all of these may be examples, it’s important to be yourself around your partner. If you have to fake who you are to impress the person you’re with to avoid judgment, then the relationship will not last.

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2. You know what your partner needs: They know how you like your coffee, and they can tell when you’re about to have an emotional breakdown days before it happens. When your partner instinctively knows what you need, then they just may be the one you’re meant to live your life with — and it’s not just from their side. When you know that your partner needs something without them saying anything, then it means that you have reached the point where you’re both in a solid partnership.

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3. You’re physically intimate: A relationship with long-term potential isn’t about the sex. You can both be virgins up until marriage if that is something you both value before making a life-long commitment. Holding hands, innocent kisses, and hugs are a sign that you are both comfortable. And if you aren’t waiting until marriage, the time between the sheets will help build a stronger connection as long as you both understand that it’s a way for you both to show how much you love each other.

What are some other ways you can tell your relationship has the potential to be long-lasting? Let us know in the comments below!