Cupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice: 5 Activities for a Fun and Fresh Date With Your SOCupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice: 5 Activities for a Fun and Fresh Date With Your SO

Valentine’s Day is over and done. But, celebrating and expressing love should never be limited by a holiday or a certain month of the year. Trying out new things as a couple is proven to strengthen any relationship regardless of stage. Sure, a candlelit dinner, flower bouquets, and expensive chocolates do sound romantic, but you can do that any day with your S.O. Go for something new, and never be afraid to try out other things!

Once in a while, isn’t it amazing to go all-out? Whether you and your S.O. are the outdoorsy types or incorrigible homebodies, here is some dating advice with five simple activities you can do for fun.

Camp Under the Stars

For the outdoorsy couple, an excellent Valentine’s celebration would mix romance and adventure, and that’s exactly what you can get when you go camping. Camping in the wilderness makes you feel as if you were the last people on earth. It’s just you and your SO underneath the stars, surrounded by the quiet and peace of nature. Nothing can be more intimate than that.

Plus, camping outdoors has lots of benefits to your physical and mental health, including stress reduction, getting exercise, breathing fresh air, and unplugging from social media, to name a few.

Of course, if you don’t fancy the long trek and lugging heavy camp gear to the site, you could always go for glamping. It may not be as thrilling or as adventurous as traditional camping is, but you’ll have more comfort and convenience in exchange. In any case, you can always rough it up next time.

Do an Arts and Crafts Day

Not everyone enjoys going out. Some people just want to stay in and relax with their SO at home. You can watch some movies, play video games, and share a home-cooked dinner. Or you can do something that you don’t do every day to celebrate the holiday—like doing arts and crafts.

Whether you and your partner are artistically inclined or not, there are plenty of benefits of doing arts and crafts. Staying at home, making origami, creating a photo book, coloring, or just doing something creative is a great way to have fun and just relax. You can compete with your arts and crafts with something ‘romantic’ as prize for the winner.

Try Paintball

If you and your partner are itching for some thrill and adventure, invite all your friends and organize a paintball competition this weekend. There’s nothing like adrenaline rush to add fun and excitement to your celebration.

Paintball is perfect for people who want to have fun and let off some steam at the same time. You’re free to go wild, get competitive, and make as much mess as you can. A game of paintball may be just what you and your partner need to decompress and loosen up some knots.

First time trying the sport? Learn all about the rules and whatnot of the game using this detailed paintball guide.

Have a Slumber Party

Who says only kids can have slumber parties? Adults need them too! Slumber parties are a lot of fun, and you and your significant other deserve to as much.

You can stay up watching all your favorite movies, playing video games, doing your nails, having a rap battle, holding an impromptu concert, or simply chatting. It’s a great way to catch up especially if you’ve both been so busy doing individual things.

Having a slumber party also takes away the stress of planning a romantic celebration on one or both of you. And you save yourselves from struggling with a million other couples who are rushing to make it on time for their dinner reservations.

Spend a Relaxing Day at the Spa

For the busy couple, a relaxing spa day may be the perfect way to celebrate special days. Sure, spending the holiday at the spa may not be the most romantic thing to do for others, but both of you deserve to feel more refreshed and a really great massage and pampering. Adventure and excitement can wait until the next holiday or weekend. For now, you both deserve to treat yourself.

Final Word

You’re not obligated to celebrate and express your love for each other all the time. But these little things make a huge difference for any relationship. Planning such activities add spice to any relationship and will make your significant other feel loved. You don’t have to stick to conventional ways of celebrating all the time. If you and your SO have the time, energy, and resources, why not do something fun and unique and even more extreme?

What are some fun date ideas you do with your SO to keep the spark alive? Share below!