Cupid's Pulse Article: Travel Destination: 5 Tips for Traveling to IcelandCupid's Pulse Article: Travel Destination: 5 Tips for Traveling to Iceland

By Courtney Shapiro

The name may be deceiving, but Iceland is actually full of volcanoes, greenery, and hot springs. It’s the perfect place to get away and explore. Get ready to sight see and  make your travel destination in Iceland worthwhile by checking out our travel tips.

Here are five travel tips for your Iceland excursion:

1. Rent a car: If you’re visiting, you should definitely invest in a rental car. A lot of the spots to see aren’t super close to each other and it will make your trip easier if you have your own mode of transportation.

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2. Plan ahead: .Like any country, there are tons of things to do and see on your trip. Unfortunately, you can’t see everything, so plan in advanced the main excursions you want to visit. It’ll save time once you’re actually on vacation and you can spend more time touring!

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3. Don’t take out too much cash: It is important to take some cash to convert, but you don’t need tons of money. Just like in the U.S. you can pay for most things with a credit or debit card. Bring a small amount of cash, and make sure to tell the bank your traveling, so you can use your card.

4. Pack appropriately: Make sure you pack clothing and other items for all types of weather. Even if you look at the weather forecast ahead of time, something might change when you are actually there. Also bring clothing in-case you go out to a formal dinner or are just relaxing for the day.

5. Take advantage of guided tours: It can be exhausting to plan the whole trip by yourself. Plan a couple of guided tours and let the experts show you what the country has to offer.

Have you ever traveled to Iceland? Share your travel tips with us in the comments!