Cupid's Pulse Article: Father’s Day Date Idea: Gone FishingCupid's Pulse Article: Father’s Day Date Idea: Gone Fishing

By Amanda Boyer and Mara Miller

Instead of celebrating Father’s Day with just you and your pops, consider this dating and relationship advice, and make plans with your partner and his dad, too. To make this special day even more memorable, plan a fun day doing something you know your fathers will love: fishing!

Take Your Dads Fishing on This Fun Date Idea

On this weekend date idea, enjoy the beautiful summer weather while you hang out at a nearby pond, river, or lake. Be sure to make preparations ahead of time: Rent a boat or other equipment you may need; fill your tackle box with all of the necessities (or buy a pre-packed box if you don’t have one in the garage), and grab those fishing rods. Be sure to pack a picnic lunch too! Load up the car, and on your drive, play some music that you know your dads will enjoy. If it’s still early in the day, pick up some coffee and bagels for breakfast.

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If you’ve never been fishing before or don’t remember the tips you were taught as a child, this date idea is the perfect time to learn from both your partner and your dad. Let them show you how to bait your hook (don’t get squeamish!) and cast your line. Don’t be afraid to ask questions too; they’ll enjoy your interest in one of their hobbies.

Once you get the hang of it, have a competition between you and your dad and your partner and his old man. Ready, set, fish! See who can catch the most fish before lunch. If the fish are slow to bite, see who can hook the biggest fish instead. Take pictures to document your best catches. You can even pick a prize too, like losers have to pack up the gear at the end of the day and buy dinner.

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While we’re fans of catch and release fishing spots, if you want to keep your fish to eat later, they’re sure to make a great Father’s Day meal. On the way home, stop at the grocery store to pick up some seasonings and sides. Grab your dads’ favorite kind of beers too! Light up the grill and reminisce about your day as you enjoy the results of your hard work.

Don’t forget to tell your dads how much you love them and thank them for being such great fathers. Talk about your favorite childhood memories and the most important lessons you learned from them. Happy Father’s Day!

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