Cupid's Pulse Article: 2019 Style Trends: Flower Girl DressesCupid's Pulse Article: 2019 Style Trends: Flower Girl Dresses

Throughout the years, trends fluctuate a lot, especially when it comes to wedding style trends. That’s why we’re here to keep you updated on the latest flower girl dress trends that you may not know about. 2019 has started as a great year with many weddings, even celebrity weddings, being planned and organized which means we can only expect amazing wedding days.

If you want to discover the best flower girl dresses for your little one, then we’ve got you covered with these style trends.

Since searching for the perfect dress is difficult, we’re making your choices a lot easier by giving you the best advice around. Plus, we’re covering the 2019 style trends so you can be sure that choosing a design or color we list below will keep your wedding super trendy and chic.

The winning color when dress hunting for flower girl dresses has always got to be ivory. Ivory flower girl dresses are iconic and traditional which is why so many people choose it when getting married. It’s still in our style trends list because this color will never fade in terms of being trendy and having your flower girl wear ivory is sure to get everyone crying in the audience!

Gold & Silver
A slightly less traditional color to choose is either gold or silver or if you’re even more daring, the two colors together on a princess flower girl ball gown. While you may not initially realize the hype about this trend if you see a gold and silver dress on your flower girl you’ll know straight away why people love it so much. This design of dress combines class with elegance and radiates royalty. The best color you could put your flower girl in is this one, simply because metallic inspired accents will allow her to shine bright like a diamond. It may be unconventional, but it’s a perfect trend that suits so many perfect little girls.

Vintage Lace
Tutu vintage lace flower girl dresses are some of the most popular in 2019 due to how stunning they look when younger girls wear them. Lace may seem like a more grown-up material but adding a little accent lace design to a simple flower girl dress can genuinely mix up the look and give it something else you’ve only ever dreamed of. Vintage lace flower girl dresses are best worn when you have a theme for your wedding as it means that everyone (even the flower girls) can get involved.

Boho Champagne
While champagne is for the adults during the wedding reception, the champagne color on a flower girl could be the trend you’re searching for. It is a lovely light and warm glow that makes for an adorable flower girl outfit. Who can argue with such a beautiful shade of our favorite drink? Plus, the name is definitely fitting since there will most likely be a lot of champagne consumed at the wedding itself.

Pale Pink Petals
Another legendary trend when considering flower girl dresses is the classic pale pink dress. Every girl dreams of being a princess one day, why not allow her to be it now? Keep the design simple or choose a dress with pretty pink petals enclosed in the skirt of the dress for a unique and beautiful look. Any little girl will be happy to wear such a stunning dress!

What other wedding style trends are you looking forward to? Share below!