Cupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Garage SaleCupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Garage Sale

By Ann Luther and Mara Miller

This weekend, embrace the traditional activity of spring cleaning and host a garage sale together. For this date idea, advertise throughout your community to get rid of all of the clutter in your homes to make way for the new memories you’ll create together. Throwing away, giving away, or selling the items that made up your past says to your partner that you’re ready for your future as a couple. It’s tough to let go, but you’re not using all that old stuff for a reason and if this task seems impossible, you can always hire a home cleaning service to help!

Do Some Spring Cleaning With This Weekend Date Idea

Cleaning out your closet can be fun too! Put on a fashion show before you get rid of out of date clothing. You and your beau can laugh at all of those oh-so-wrong statements you made. You can also give your partner a look into the life you lived before you met him, which is another special thing to share.

If you’re thinking of moving in together, follow this expert dating advice: Make a list of all the essentials you both have at your respective residences. You won’t need two things like vacuums, brooms, dust pans, dish drying racks, tool boxes, shower curtains, and sets of pots and pans. Keep the best of everything (just like you do in your relationship!), be rid of the rest, and make enough money to go to a fancy restaurant after the garage sale is over.

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This weekend date idea allows you to soak up the magnificent weather by getting out and plastering your town with flyers about your garage sale. You might make a competition out of it: See who can post flyers down either side of the block faster. Post a picture of the winner and the flyer on social media to advertise your sale and to show off your happy relationship to your friends and family. To further your sale’s exposure, is a great forum to inform the surrounding areas that you’ll be open for business.

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On the afternoon of the sale, bring out some speakers and a bottle of wine to make the long day more bearable. The fun atmosphere will bring more people to your lawn, and you can dance with your man in between transactions. Whatever you don’t sell, you can donate to Goodwill, The Salvation Army, or another charitable organization. Thanks to this love advice, when the day is done, you’ll have more space, more money, and more fun memories.

Have you ever gotten rid of junk to make space for your partner? Share your stories below.