Cupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Plant Some RootsCupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Plant Some Roots

By Ann Luther and Mara Miller

Spring has sprung! Flowers are blooming everywhere — and so are your feelings for your partner. Take advantage of this beautiful season with this weekend date idea. You can plant seeds in the ground and each other’s hearts!

Plant a Garden for This Weekend Date Idea

Go for a drive with the windows down and hunt the neighborhood for inspiration for your garden to follow this relationship advice. You can check out the lawn of other residents, hanging baskets in front of local storefronts, and the wild vegetation peeking out everywhere you turn. You might even try going to a nearby park and taking a stroll. The park will be full of blossoming flowers, native grasses, and intricate landscaping. Before you leave, stop and pick up a dandelion, make a wish for you and your lovebird, and blow!

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On this date idea, you can pick out plants based on their meanings and what you want your garden to convey. Jasmine signifies eternal love, and agrimony flowers stand for thankfulness. Coriander is a sign of lust, while sweet peas smell fantastic and symbolize gratitude. Oxeye daisies are lovely representations of patience. With a little research and the right intentions, you can create a garden that ushers in much more than beauty into your lives.

Once you and your beau are fully inspired, learn which plants grow best in your area. is a great resource for area-determinant gardening. Then, it’s off to the local gardening store for you two! Stock up on all the supplies you’ll need— like shovels, gloves, potting soil, and, of course, whatever seeds or plants you picked out. Be sure to pick up some pretty pots to add a bit of color to your front porch too!

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If none of the pots fit your fancy, purchase normal clay pots and make a quick trip to the craft store for some acrylic paint and a few paint brushes on the way home. Get to gardening, but before you start on the potted plants, take your paint and brushes and decorate the pots! You can paint hearts or design something more abstract. It doesn’t have to be precise; it just has to be colorful. On the bottom of the pots, paint the date to make sure you’ll never forget.

Take your time today. Enjoy the sun, the breeze, and your relationship and love. Winter felt like it lasted forever, and summer will be here in no time, so bask in the beautiful weather of the spring. As the seasons roll on, you’ll have your sweet garden to remind you of this weekend date idea.

Have you ever planned a gardening date? Share your stories below!