Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Couple: Emma Stone & Dave McCarry Giggle Together at SAG AwardsCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Couple: Emma Stone & Dave McCarry Giggle Together at SAG Awards

By Lauren Burczyk

In celebrity news, celebrity couple Emma Stone and Dave McCarry giggle together during a rare public date night. The couple was seen together on Sunday at the 2019 SAG Awards, being very giddy. According to, this isn’t the first time the couple has made a rare public appearance together to an awards show. Earlier this month, the couple enjoyed a night out at FOX’s Golden Globe afterparty, where they were seen being very affectionate toward one another.

The elusive celebrity couple Emma Stone & Dave McCarry are not often seen in public together. What are some ways you and your love can prevent public expectations from influencing your relationship?

Cupid’s Advice:

It’s important to not let others influence your ideal relationship. While public expectations may be tough to overcome, there are some ways to help prevent them from influencing how you and your partner carry on your love for one another:

1. Forget about public expectations altogether: It seems much easier than it actually is, but it’s important to forget about what others expect of you. When we let go of all public expectations, we tend to enjoy our partners even more.

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2. Put your relationship first: Instead of worrying about having to impress other people, just focus on yourselves. There’s nothing saying that the two of you have to enjoy the same public events as other couples, so just participate in whatever makes the two of you happy.

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3. Don’t let other people complicate your relationship: If going out with other couples always ends in a disaster, then it’s best to spend time by yourselves. While your friends may expect you to go on group dates, it’s better that you keep your relationship strong and stay away from all of the drama.

Can you think of more ways to prevent public expectations from influencing your relationship? Comment below.