Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Dating: Chrissy Teigen Questions Modern DatingCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Dating: Chrissy Teigen Questions Modern Dating

By Mara Miller

In the latest celebrity dating and celebrity news according to, Chrissy Teigan questions modern dating. Teigan and her husband, John Legend, have been together for twelve years and married for five. They have two children, Luna and Miles. Teigan questioned modern dating on Twitter on Sunday, saying, “I haven’t dated for a long, long time but are guys really pulling the ‘let’s be exclusive’ thing six months into dating like what, I have been exclusive what the f–k have you been”. Chrissy is right–modern dating can be a mess.

Chrissy Teigen’s questions about modern celebrity dating are way too relatable. What are some old-school tips we should adopt in today’s dating game?

Cupid’s Advice:

Though online dating platforms are the newest way to meet someone, old-fashioned dating still has its merits. Here are a few old-school tips:

1. Get off the phone: We carry mini-computers around with us, allowing constant access to the outside world. Old-fashioned dating meant actually spending time with your date to try to get to know them and giving your date time to get to know you if you’re genuinely interested in a relationship. Try leaving the phone in your purse or back pocket on vibrate to give your date your sole attention.

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2. Take Things Slower: While waiting for marriage to be intimate might seem too old fashioned, taking things slow while you’re dating has its benefits. Keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with jumping into bed together on the first date, but if you’re serious about the person you want to date, waiting and taking things a tad slower will allow both of you to decide if pursuing the relationship is plausible or a total disaster.

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3. Find someone you can dance with: While this might seem like something your grandmother would say, couples who can dance and have fun together are more likely to have a successful relationship. And no, this doesn’t mean a bump and grind in a club. Think head resting on shoulder, holding hands, swaying together kind of dancing.

What are some old-fashioned dating tips you suggest?