Cupid's Pulse Article: Holly Madison and Boyfriend Jack Barakat SplitCupid's Pulse Article: Holly Madison and Boyfriend Jack Barakat Split

It looks like Holly Madison’s romance with Jack Barakat is over, according to People. The duo met on Twitter and continued to date under the radar until her December 31st birthday party, when they went public with their relationship. Madison didn’t let the breakup get in the way of a fun weekend, however, as she seemed in a good mood while hosting a party with Brody Jenner at Chateau nightclub in Las Vegas last weekend. Despite the sad ending, Madison proved that there’s more to be said for Twitter than status updates.

What are the benefits of meeting your partner online?

Cupid’s Advice:

Of course meeting someone face-to-face has it own perks, but there are certain benefits to meeting your partner online as well. Cupid has a few:

1. Looks aren’t as much of a factor: Sometimes people let physical attraction get in the way of getting to know someone personally. Although you may see a photo here and there, by meeting online you get to know the person before judging his or her appearance.

2. It’s easier to be honest: When you’re having a conversation with someone in person, it can be difficult to say what you really mean. If your potential partner asks a difficult question, your first inclination may be to lie. When you’re typing out your answers, it’s simply easier to be 100% truthful.

3. You can go slow: In person, it can be easy to get caught up in the moment. If you meet online, you can take things as slowly as you need to without feeling as pressured to move forward.