Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Exes Chris Pratt and Anna Faris Give Co-Parenting Tips!Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Exes Chris Pratt and Anna Faris Give Co-Parenting Tips!

By Mara Miller

In the latest celebrity news, celebrity exes Anna Faris and Chris Pratt remain on good terms while they co-parent their son, Jack. According to US Weekly, Pratt and Faris remain close for the sake of their child. Jack’s well-being has been their main focus, especially now, with Pratt’s celebrity engagement to Katherine Schwarzenegger and Faris’s long-term relationship with Michel Barrett. Faris said, “I think the general idea is making sure he’s surrounded by lots of love and happiness.” Jack is a lucky kid to have two parents who work together to make him safe and happy even though they are no longer together. Pratt and Faris should start offering parenting advice!

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris are setting the golden standard on co-parenting. What are some ways to co-parent when the relationship is less than friendly?

Cupid’s Advice:

Divorce isn’t easy, especially when you might never want to see your ex again. How should you set your own golden standard for co-parenting your child(ren)?

1. Remember that you were a happy family once: Even though things are tough now and you might not be able to stand each other, remember that you were a happy family together once. Divorce isn’t just hard on the both of you, but on your kid(s) too.

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2. Never speak negatively about the other parent: Hearing bad things about their parents can leave a long-lasting impact on children that might cause them to act out in school or at home. Never, ever say anything nasty about the other parent. Remember, kids are like sponges. They like to repeat what they hear, and your other co-parent is likely to find out what has been said about them eventually. Would you rather get through this co-parenting thing together relatively unscathed, or hardly be able to stand each other when you’re in the same room together if your child needs you?

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3. The both of you need to swallow your pride: There will be birthday parties, family nights, holiday gatherings, and school events. Your child(ren) needs to feel loved first. They will need reassurance that Mom and Dad can still get along. Put aside your differences and have a board game night. If you’ve moved on already, include your new S.O. if the other co-parent has agreed to let your kid(s) meet them. While things might be awkward at first, eventually the less than stellar relationship as co-parents will become easier.

What are some ways you suggest making the co-parenting relationship work when things aren’t great with your ex?