Cupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Ice Skating AdventureCupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Ice Skating Adventure

By Sarah Batcheller and Jessica DeRubbo

This weekend, embrace the dropping temperatures and head to an outdoor ice skating rink to be romantic with your sweetheart! You don’t have to be an Olympic skater to enjoy a day on the ice, and it may even work to your benefit if you need a little help. For this weekend date idea, either take lessons with your partner or use your inexperience as an excuse to hold your man’s hand for support as you glide across the floor. No need to be embarrassed if you or your mate takes a fall. After all, it’ll only make for great laughs later!

How to Enjoy This Ice Skating Date Idea

When you’re ready for a break, head over to the snack bar. Hot chocolate will warm you both up and give you time to connect. If you need an energy boost, buy some popcorn or candy (or both!) to munch on too.

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Ice skating rinks always play music, and most of them designate a romantic song or two so that couples can skate together. When you hear your favorite love tune, it’s your cue to take your partner’s hand and glide to the rhythm of the beat. The slower pace and quieter atmosphere will also allow the two of you to spend some time talking while you skate. That way, the date is still focused on the two of you rather than focused on not making a fool of yourself!

If you’re feeling especially adventurous before you embark on this date idea, use your time on the ice rink to play a little hockey with your partner. Once you’ve learned to maintain balance, you can amp up the energy and fun by going one-on-one. Just make sure you’ve got all the right gear for warmth and safety!

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Remember to check with your local rink before you go. Sometimes, they have private parties or teen nights. You don’t want to be in a scenario that you weren’t anticipating, especially if it means a crowded floor with screaming kids whizzing by. Plan accordingly to make the date just right.

Let us know about your ice skating adventure in the comments below!