Cupid's Pulse Article: Beauty Advice: Spice Up Your Look With GlitterCupid's Pulse Article: Beauty Advice: Spice Up Your Look With Glitter

By Courtney Shapiro

Glitter can be intimidating! It has the power to completely amp and glam up your look, or it can come off looking cheap or tacky. When used correctly in a look, it can be pretty while also being subtle. Don’t let the product scare you; grab the right brushes as well as the right glitter and glue, and you’ll be all set. Cupid has some helpful beauty advice on how to spice up your makeup looks with glitter.

Here are three beauty tricks for using glitter in your look:

1. Eyes: Adding glitter on your eyes can definitely make them pop. If you want something subtle, add a touch of loose glitter in either the outer or inner corners of your eye. to go for something a little bolder, consider using glitter on the lid. While there are shadows that are shimmery and can add a sparkle, try going for a creamy glitter or loose glitter that can easily be applied with special glue to truly make your eyes stand out.

2. Cheeks: Use glitter to help accentuate your cheekbones. Most people use highlighter, as it gives you a nice shimmery glowing look. If you want to go a step further then shimmer, try using some loose glitter to make your cheeks sparkle. Use a brush a trace over where you want the glitter to fall. Don’t use too much, or the look can seem cheap rather than glamorous.

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3. Body: Using glitter on your body can help you stand out in a crowd. Use it around your neck and by your collarbones to amp up your features. Rather than using glue, use vaseline on the spots where you want to apply glitter. This is the best trick to keep the glitter in place. Play around with colors and figure out what is best for you.

What are some other ways to incorporate glitter into your look? Comment below!