Cupid's Pulse Article: Fitness Tips: Incorporate Superfoods in Your DietCupid's Pulse Article: Fitness Tips: Incorporate Superfoods in Your Diet

By Ivana Jarmon

As the end of the year approaches we often want to start the new year by getting our bodies back in shape. A great way to get fit is to insert superfoods into your diet. Superfoods are a new way to offer the maximum nutritional benefits for minimal calories. They’re packed with minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Cupid has some fitness tips to help you incorporate super foods into your diet.

Check out these fitness tips on how to incorporate superfoods in your diet:

1. Make a smoothie with spirulina: Spirulina is a blue green algae powdery substance, rich with nutrients, that prevents damage and stress to the body. It’s not the easiest thing to add in your diet, so why not make it into a smoothie.

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2. Add nuts to your pesto: Traditionally pestos are made with pine nuts, but you can add more (toasted) tree nuts in your sauce. By doing this, you up the amount of the antioxidants making your meal even healthier.

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3. Use pure maple syrup in salad dressing: If you need to add something sweet to your salad, go for something more natural like pure maple syrup. It’s high in polyphenols, which can increase brain function and health.

4. A pinch of nutritional yeast on popcorn: Nutritional yeast is a B-complex vitamin and is an easy way to boost nutrients like folates, zinc and niacin into your diet. By putting it over popcorn instead of butter for flavor, it will taste like parmesan cheese.

5. Just add blueberries: Blueberries are low in sugar and packed with anthocyanins, also a anti-inflammatory agent. Blueberries can be added to any breakfast such as oatmeal and pancakes etc.

Where are some Superfoods you can incorporate in your diet? Share your thoughts below.