Cupid's Pulse Article: Beauty Tips: How To Give a Perfect At-Home ManicureCupid's Pulse Article: Beauty Tips: How To Give a Perfect At-Home Manicure

By Ivana Jarmon

Winter can be incredibly rough on your nails. In the cold weather, they may becoming dry and brittle. Plus, it’s a busy time of year with the holidays, so you may not have the time or money to go to the salon. Cupid has a few beauty tips on how to give yourself the perfect at-home manicure. (Paula’s Choice Skincare Manicure Routine was used in this article.)

Here are some beauty tips on how to give yourself a home manicure??

1. Grab essential tools: Nail polish remover and cotton swabs or pads. Nail clippers, emery board, and nail buffer, cuticle pusher, and nippers. Callous/cuticle remover, Hand/nail moisturizer, base coat, nail polish, clear top coat.

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2. Remove current nail polish (if any): You will want to remove any old nail polish. Any acetone-based remover will work faster and will kinder to your skin.

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3. Shape nails: Only if necessary, clip your nails then file and shape them. You have three ways you can shape your nails first, into a slightly rounded nail or second the square rounded edge or third be creative. Do not use any course or metal nail file to minimize splintering. You will want to use a crystal nail file or gentle emery board. Next, smooth the tops and sides of your nails with a nail buffer so that your nails can have an even surface.

4. Soak your nails: Put your hands in a bowl of warm water, be sure to add either some face cleaner or shampoo to the water. Do this for only 3 mins.

5. Apply callous/cuticle remover: After you cut away the thick skin around your nails, be sure to apply cuticle remover for only a few seconds.

6. Remove excess cuticle/callouses around nail: Use the cuticle pusher and gently push away from the nail. However, do NOT push it too far, it can damage your nail growth and cuticle. Be careful and do NOT lift, pull, force, tear or cut into your cuticle at all. Remove hangnails and the sides of your nail.

7. Moisturize: Massage your cuticles and hands with an oil or rich cream. This will hydrate and replenish your skin.

8. Prep for polish: Next use a cotton ball and apply nail polish remover over nails surface to remove any residue. Be sure your nail has nothing oil left on it.

9. Paint nails: Use a base coat of ridge-filling nail polish to shore up your nail. A base coat helps protect your nail from staining and chipping. Then, apply your color polish in layers, make sure you allow each layer to dry properly between coats. Two coats of color followed up by a top coat of gloss should be perfect.

10. Moisturizer: Keeping your nails and hands looking healthy requires a moisturizer.

What are some beauty tips to give yourself the perfect at home manicure? Share your thoughts below.