Cupid's Pulse Article: Parenting Advice: Road Trip HacksCupid's Pulse Article: Parenting Advice: Road Trip Hacks

By Courtney Shapiro

Road trips can be a super fun way to bond as a family, but they can also get old after a while if you don’t have a plan in place to keep everyone entertained. There’s nothing worse than that dreaded, “Are we there yet?” question being asked multiple times. Here are some parenting tips for road trip hacks that can help keep the kids occupied.

Check out our parenting advice to keep your passengers busy along the way.

1. Snacks: Kids can start to get whiny if they don’t have proper nourishment during the trip. Make sure you have plenty of snack varieties to keep hunger levels down. You’ll win the road trip game if you have cool snacks like granola bars, fruit snacks, Chex Mix, and more.

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2. Car games: There are so many games that can occupy a long car ride. For example, with young kids you could play something as simple as “I SPY” or “I’m Going On a Picnic” where you name an item beginning with every letter of the alphabet until you get all the way through. These take up time and will help your kids forget that there is still time left in the car.

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3. Supplies: If you have young kids, make sure you pack everything for easy access while you’re traveling. For example, don’t forget the diapers, entertainment, and if it’s a long trip, maybe even a change of clothes.

What is some parenting advice on how to hack a road trip? Share your thoughts below.