Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: Actress Haylie Duff Talks Thanksgiving Meals and MarriageCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: Actress Haylie Duff Talks Thanksgiving Meals and Marriage

Interview by Lori Bizzoco. Written by Courtney Shapiro

Between being a mom, an actress, and a blogger, Haylie Duff has her hands full.  With the holidays fast approaching, she needs to find recipes and meals that are quick and delicious for her family.

In our exclusive celebrity interview, we chat with Duff about her favorite Thanksgiving memories, while she gives us some great advice for preparing easy meals during this time of the year.

Celebrity Interview with Haylie Duff: Thanksgiving Dinner Advice, Family Traditions, and Life with Two Kids

Duff loves spending Thanksgiving with her family, and when asked about her favorite memory, she didn’t hesitate to share.  “One [memory] that really comes to mind is we were thawing our big turkey, for the big day, out on our front porch when we lived in the hill country,” she said. “Somehow our neighbor’s two dogs got a hold of it while it was thawing out in the hot air of the South.”  Duff says that the disappearing turkey was a great mystery for her and her family that year.  She recounts that she didn’t really even care about the turkey; she was just happy to celebrate with loved ones.

While talking about Thanksgiving dishes, the mom of two tells us that she would rather do all of the prep work before the big holiday meal, so that she can spend more time with her family.  That’s part of the reason the actress partnered with Libby’s during this busy time of year. “I really love using Libby’s canned vegetables because they’re pre-sliced and they’re pre-chopped,” she admits. Not to mention, “They are also celebrating their 6th annual sweepstakes and I’m all about giving back and thinking about the things I’m thankful for,” she said.

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After being the only one in her family who lacked cooking skills, Duff decided to start The Real Girls Kitchen blog. “It was time for me to learn how to cook for myself,” the blogger said. “I started posting things online that I did well on and that I made mistakes on.” She loved that her readers were learning along with her and that sometimes the mistakes turned out to be good surprises. She shares with us that her go-to side dish is baked sliced carrots and beets with maple syrup and seasonings, bringing a colorful, tasty addition to the table.

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Before wrapping our celebrity interview, we had to know if marriage to Matt Rosenberg, Duff’s fiancé and father of her children, is expected in the future. “We talk about it all the time, but show me a free weekend,” she laughs. Being a mom of two kids along with a job, a clothing line, and a blog can make it very difficult for this celebrity couple to find time to settle down.

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