Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Break-Up: Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson’s Loved Ones Are ‘Relieved’ They SplitCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Break-Up: Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson’s Loved Ones Are ‘Relieved’ They Split

By Courtney Shapiro

In celebrity news, fans of Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson were shocked to hear of their recent split. However, the celebrity couple’s loved ones are relieved that their fast paced relationship came to an end. The pair became engaged in June only a few weeks after they had been dating. The singer’s family members didn’t want her marrying Pete and told People, “Ariana never got to the wedding planning stage. It was all way too soon.” The pair is no longer living together, and Grande’s supporters believe she should take time to focus on hersel.

This celebrity break-up isn’t necessarily a bad thing in the eyes of the couples’ loved ones. What do you do if a friend or relative is dating someone you don’t approve of?

Cupid’s Advice:

How do you deal with your friend or relative dating someone you don’t like? Cupid has some advice:

1. Tell the person your concerns: Share your opinion on the relationship with your friend or relative. Tell them what you’re feeling and why you are having concerns. They might not agree with you right away, but at least you put it out there.

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2. Support them.Obviously the person can make their own choices, but remember to be there for them anyway. You might have concerns about the relationship, but if your friend or relative is happy, then you have to respect their decision.

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3. Don’t bring up the “I told you so”: If your concerns for the relationship involve your friends safety then it’s smart to try and get them out of that situation. However, don’t pull the “I told you so” phrase and let the person figure out any issues in their relationship.

Have you had to deal with a relationship you weren’t the biggest fan of? Share with us in the comments!