Cupid's Pulse Article: Travel Tips: 5 Best Motorcycle Trips in AmericaCupid's Pulse Article: Travel Tips: 5 Best Motorcycle Trips in America

By Ivana Jarmon

There’s nothing like getting on your motorcycle and heading out on the road. Any biker can tell you that the moment a person gets on their bike, their senses are brought to life. Bikers all share the restless, passionate love for the open road. These travel tips make for a perfect motorcycle trip.

Check out our travel tips for the top five motorcycle trips a biker should take:

1. Texas: Texas has a grouping of great motorcycle roads in the Texas Hill Country nicknamed the Twisted Sisters. The actual names of the roads are Ranch Road 335, 336, and 337.  These roads aren’t meant for amateur riders, as they take you on a 100-mile loop of Texas ranches, valleys, and hills providing you with a panoramic view of the curve around canyons and rises with few guardrails. Attractions that can be visited along the way include the Frio Canyon Motorcycle Stop, the Lone Star Motorcycle Museum, and the Lost Maples State Natural Area.

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2. Montana: There is a road that cuts through Montana’s Glacier National Park called Going-to-the-Sun. The road stretches 50 miles and lasts roughly two hours without stops. Five of the National Park’s campgrounds are located along the road.

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3. Georgia: The road known as Skyline Drive attracts over two million visitors every year due to the changing leaves. Black bears, white-tailed deer and wild turkey can be seen along the road. Skyline Drive is 105 miles long and runs north to south as the only public road through Shenandouh Park. The park is left intentionally un-mowed, so wildflowers can grow year-round giving visitors a magical feel.

4. Big Island (HI): The Big Island is interwoven by a web of roads that cuts through a variety of terrains and a lush rain forest. Saddle Road offers a route through the heart of the island; it’s full or roller-coaster like twist and turns with smooth roads, making you want to come back for another visit.

5. Los Angeles (CA): Near the heart of the city, there are a variety of rural roads. Look no further than the Angeles Crest Highway near Flintridge or the winding canyons in Malibu. Also, try the Hollywood area. It will give you a peak of the coastal front.

What are some motorcycle destinations you are excited to visit? Comment below.