Cupid's Pulse Article: Travel Tips: How to Plan a Special Mother-Daughter VacationCupid's Pulse Article: Travel Tips: How to Plan a Special Mother-Daughter Vacation

By Ivana Jarmon

What’s more special and memorable than taking your mom on a special mother-daughter trip? There is something about taking a vacation and experiencing new things that creates a special travel bond between you and your mother. We have the perfect travel tips so you can plan a special mother-daughter getaway.

Checkout out travel advice on how to plan a special mother-daughter vacation!

1. Be realistic: If you’re mother-daughter trip rookies, be realistic in the kind of vacation you plan. If you and your mom aren’t the type to drink wine, Napa Valley wouldn’t be the place for you. Consider your likes and dislikes, and make a list of destinations that fit into both your desires and budgets.

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2. Pick a meaningful destination: Make a list of dream destinations. Make sure it’s a destination that is on both of your bucket lists. Perhaps you want to see where your parents got engaged and your mom would love to see it again, too. That’s perfect, because there’s meaning behind it.

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3. Research: Research, research, research! Before you leave, you should know the ins and outs of you’re going to do. This means everything from how you’re going to get there to where you are staying to (at least loosely) what your plans are while you’re there.

4. Budget: There are good deals out there! This trip may be special, but you don’t want to blow a hole in your wallet. Also, there’s no secret that the mother-daughter dynamic may involve an unspoken power struggle. It might be easy and fun to allow your mom to pay for everything at first, but that may come with strings attached. First: There are a lot of websites that have inexpensive plane tickets. Also, there are often times deals that come with buying these tickets in a package, like 20% off your hotel stay. Second: Instead of your mom paying for everything, split the cost. This way you’re not bickering on who paid for what and there aren’t any unexpected attached strings.

5. Compromise: Embrace change, and try something your mom wants to do. A good option is to choose places you both want to visit and then also have places you want to go on your own respectively. It’s good to spend time together, but also make sure you take breaks from each other!

6. Above all have fun: Take pictures, try new experiences, and eat lots of new foods! Enjoy each others’ presence, and just have fun!

If you have any more tips on how to plan a special mother-daughter vacation, comment below!