Cupid's Pulse Article: Expert Dating Advice: Can Casual Sex Turn Into LoveCupid's Pulse Article: Expert Dating Advice: Can Casual Sex Turn Into Love

By Gillian Lee

In this week’s Single In Stilettos dating advice video, founder and relationship expert Suzanne Oshima talks to Lisa Shield about how casual sex can turn into love. Lisa Shield is a dating and relationship coach on emotionally naked dating. Watch the video above, and read the article below to find out some good dating tips in your life!

Expert Talks About Sex and Love

1. Don’t Act on What Mother Nature Wants: As human beings we are designed to have a sex drive with the opposite sex. With this sex drive, “mother nature” wants us to propagate with the opposite sex to continue the circle of life because this is what we were designed for. But, despite what mother nature wants for us, we can’t act on our drive for sex. If you decide to act on your impulses this will lead you to being “ghosted” and it won’t last.

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2. Separate Sex From Dating: If you decide that you just want to have a sexual partner, then make sure you pick someone that you won’t be emotionally involved with. Keep your recreational sex and dating separate, because it doesn’t change as you get older. Shield states, “you have to share your head before you share your bed.”

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3. Wait to Have Sex Until You Are Comfortable: Shield explains if you know you’ve found the love of your life, why would you want to rush into things if you have forever. “The minute you introduce sex, it becomes about sex at least in the very beginning,” Shield tells us. Wait till the relationship gets deeper, and more meaningful so when you actually do have sex, that’s when it’s more intimate.

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