Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Divorce: Leah Jenner Officially Files for Divorce from Brandon JennerCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Divorce: Leah Jenner Officially Files for Divorce from Brandon Jenner

By Ivana Jarmon

Leah Jenner and Brandon Jenner are over. In celebrity news, Leah officially filed for celebrity divorce two weeks after announcing their split, reports. In a joint statement, the celebrity exes broke the news that after 14 years together and six years of marriage they’d be going their separate ways. “Even though we have chosen to separate as a couple, we still love one another very, very much and remain a major part of each other’s lives- as best friends, family and loving parents to our daughter,” the statement read. Brandon is the oldest son of Caitlyn Jenner and Linda Thompson, and Leah is daughter of former Eagles guitarist Don Felder. The exes tied the knot in an intimate wedding ceremony in Hawaii in 2012, and they welcomed a baby girl named Eva James Jenner in July 2015.

This couple has decided to throw in the town and are getting a celebrity divorce. What are some last-ditch efforts to make toward the end of a relationship?

Cupid’s Advice: 

When it comes to love you have to give it your all even if it’s the end! Cupid has 3 last-ditch efforts that could save your relationship:

1. Take the b-word off the table: You don’t want a possible break-up to be hanging over your heads. So, take it off the table, because in order to make the relationship work, you must create a safe space. This means no ultimatums and no threats of any kind. This also includes planning, thinking about breaking up or pursuing other relationship as if you’re going to break up. This is serious, as using the b-word creates uncertainty and pressure in a relationship. You have to completely remove breaking up from the table.

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2. Opportunity to evolve: In order for a relationship to heal, vulnerability has to be reintroduced to the relationship. This means giving your partner another chance to evolve and to change in order to be a better partner. This gives them and you another chance to respond differently to your needs and to look at love differently.

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3. Work on yourself: The most important relationship you can ever be in and improve upon is the one you have with yourself. By fixing yourself, you change the way you see and react to others — your partner included. This may mean they will change the way they respond to you. To save your relationship, work on yourself!

“If you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else?”- RuPaul

What are some last-ditch efforts that’s could save your relationship? Share your thoughts below.