Cupid's Pulse Article: Expert Dating Advice: 3 Signs He’s Falling in Love With YouCupid's Pulse Article: Expert Dating Advice: 3 Signs He’s Falling in Love With You

By Gillian Lee

In this week’s Singles In Stilettos, dating advice video, founder and relationship expert Suzanne Oshima talks to Hunt Ethridge about three signs he’s definitely falling in love with you. Watch the video above, and read the article below to find out some good dating tips in your life!

He’s Falling In Love With You

1. Starts To Become Vulnerable: Men in a relationship tend to be more closed off because they don’t know their certain “role” yet. They try to portray strength, and show an alpha attitude, but when you start to show that you are there for what’s on the inside, he will start opening himself up. “It’s the first clue of many that he is really starting to fall for you,” Ethridge explains. If your significant other isn’t opening up to you, recognize that you should create a safe environment, and do a technique called “mirroring.” To use this technique, you mirror the activity that you want them to do, and you will be vulnerable with them in hopes they open up as well.

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2. How Advance His Planning Is: If he starts bringing up plans regarding the future such as next month, and next year, this is a sign he is falling in love with you. “This basically let’s you know he sees you as apart of his life in the future,” Hunt tells us. This moment is amazing because it shows he’s serious about the relationship.

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3. Important Actions: A man will start to show different actions on how he is falling in love with you. For example, “does he start to leave you a little glass of water beside your bed before you go to sleep?” Ethridge says. In every relationship the actions will be different, but you will personally know what actions he will do to show he is falling in love with you.

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