Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Wedding: ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jo Rivera Marries Vee Torres with Ex Kailyn Lowry in AttendanceCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Wedding: ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jo Rivera Marries Vee Torres with Ex Kailyn Lowry in Attendance

By Courtney Shapiro

The knot was recently tied for celebrity couple Jo Rivera and Vee Torres. The Teen Mom 2 celebrity wedding was filled with love and family as Torres’ son Isaac and daughter with Rivera, Vivi, participated as the ring bearers. According to, Torres’ ex Kailyn Lowry was also at the wedding. Lowry attended with her best friend and sent a tweet thanking her for “wiping my tears as I bawled.” Rivera and Torres declared their engagement in April and were both looking forward to their big day.

In this celebrity wedding, Rivera’s ex attended. What are some ways to decide whether to include your ex on the guest list for your nuptials?

Cupid’s Advice:

Is it okay to have you ex at your wedding? Cupid has some thoughts on when this is okay:

1. The relationship with the ex isn’t fresh: If you have been in your current relationship longer than you were broken up and were able to be in a friendship with your ex, then having them at your wedding shouldn’t be an issue. The past is in the past and both of you are currently happy with the life you live, so it should be easy to include them on the guest list.

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2. The ex is a part of the couple’s life: The ex shouldn’t be invited to the wedding if they are just a random person brought up from the past. If the couple spends time with this person and thinks of them as a friend rather than an ex, then they can choose if they want that person there or not.

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3. The ex is the other parent to your child: This is more of a courtesy to the child rather than to either of the parents. It shows that even though the parents are not together, there is no hostility between them, which gives the child an easier time of understanding the new relationship.

Have you invited an ex to your wedding? Let us know below!