Cupid's Pulse Article: Jennifer Garner Is ‘Not Surprised’ Ben Affleck Is Dating Playboy Model Shauna SextonCupid's Pulse Article: Jennifer Garner Is ‘Not Surprised’ Ben Affleck Is Dating Playboy Model Shauna Sexton

By Rhodesia Williams

In latest celebrity news, Jennifer Garner isn’t surprised that her ex, Ben Affleck, was spotted on a date with a Playboy model. The celebrity exes are all too familiar with this scenario. Affleck apparently has had his share of secret celebrity relationships even since his celebrity divorce to Garner. Unfortunately for Garner, Affleck isn’t too worried about being discreet. Knowing Affleck won’t change, all she can do is protect her kids as much as she can.

In celebrity news, Ben Affleck’s ex isn’t surprised he’s dating a Playboy model, but she isn’t pleased. What are some ways to cope with your ex moving on?

Cupid’s Advice:

It’s never easy to watch your ex move on, especially if you are always reminded of it. Cupid has some ways to cope with your ex moving on:

1. Think about it: So, your relationship didn’t work out, but you can’t seem to rationalize it. Make a list of the pros and cons of your relationship and be honest. While sometimes, the relationship could’ve ended out of the blue, but think about anything that could’ve been a warning signs. Sometimes taking some time to think can put this situation in perspective. Giving yourself time and being honest with yourself will help you to heal and move on.

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2. Enjoy yourself: Go out and enjoy your single life. Although you may miss your relationship, use this time to adapt to your new lifestyle. Have a night out with friends or even enjoy a movie night alone with your favorite snacks. Dating yourself is a big part of healing because it let’s you know that it’s okay to be alone. You won’t be able to move on unless you get out and start enjoying life.

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3. No lurking: The best thing you can do to help move on is not to creep on your ex. For one, you already know what you are going to see. Also, why bum yourself out? Whether your ex is with someone or not, understand that you also need to start the process of moving on. Lurking will only hurt you so try your best not to. It’s always easier said than done but it will help you to make peace with your ex moving on.

What are some ways you coupe with an ex moving on? Share below.