Cupid's Pulse Article: Travel Trend: NorwayCupid's Pulse Article: Travel Trend: Norway

By Rhodesia Williams

Life is about exploring different lands and cultures. If you are thinking of traveling to a country you haven’t visited before, but don’t know where to go, give Norway a try. The latest travel trend has people exploring lands all over Europe. Although the weather can be on the cooler side, with so many things to do, you won’t even notice. Breathing in the fresh air and taking in the sights will have you ready to see just what Norway has to offer.

With so many fun things to explore in Norway, why not take a trip? Here are a few things to check out on your Norwegian getaway.

1. Nature: Interested in exploring all that Norway has to offer? With so many long roadways and plenty of mountains to hike, experience exploring a whole new land.Traveling through Norway won’t be hard since islands are connected by bridges and roads. While the summer months are the warmest, it doesn’t get truly hot in Norway, making your adventures comfortable.

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2. History: Want to learn about Norway? The country is filled with different historical sites as well as museums. Explore the famous Viking ship that can be found in Norway’s capital of Oslo. Learn about the people and culture of Norway. There are so many things to experience like their food and music. Pick up a few quick lessons on their language, too.

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3. Good eats: Norwegians are known for using their own natural ingredients to cook. Using what is native to their land, it’s safe to say their cuisine will be fresh and tasty. Norway, with their specialty in seafood, has been nominated for having one of the best top 50 restaurants in the world.

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