Cupid's Pulse Article: Vacation Destination: Plan a Trip to CubaCupid's Pulse Article: Vacation Destination: Plan a Trip to Cuba

By Haley Lerner

Looking for a hot vacation destination? Cuba is the perfect place for you to take your beau for a romantic getaway. After many years of United States citizens not being allowed to travel to the small country, it is now open for visitors. We’ve got some travel tips for some of the best things for you to do on your vacation to Cuba.

Check out our travel tips for your perfect vacation to Cuba!

1. Wander around Old Havana: One of the best parts of Cuba is the beautiful, colorful buildings that litter the streets of Havana. In the capital, take a stroll and shop, get a bite to eat and soak in the history the city has to offer.

2. See live music: Cuba is a country full of music. Whether it’s listening to music in the street or going a jazz club, you can find great live music to listen to all over Cuba.

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3. Go to the beach: Cuba is surrounded by water, so there are plenty of beautiful beachfronts to visit in the country. Go with your beau and spend a romantic day by the shore, soaking up the sun and swimming in the clear blue ocean water.

4. Ride in a vintage car: Cuba is famous for its colorful, vintage cars. What’s great is it’s actually really easy to take a ride in one. Taxis in Cuba are these vintage cars, so take one for a ride around the city and enjoy the old car and some fantastic views.

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5. Go to a museum: Cuba has a rich history, so hit up one of the country’s many museums. Whether it’s the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, the national art museum, or the Museum of the Revolution, you’ll be sure to be in awe of the fantastic content you’ll discover.

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