Cupid's Pulse Article: Beauty Tips: Best Mascara Types In The GameCupid's Pulse Article: Beauty Tips: Best Mascara Types In The Game

By Rhodesia Williams

Beauty comes in all shapes, colors and sizes which can be exciting when you are into fashion and beauty trends. Mascara is the finishing touches to your masterpiece. There are so many types of mascaras that it’s often tough to choose which one is best.

While moisturizing your lashes are important, sometimes the occasion calls for a different type of mascara. This beauty trend will go over the top 3 types of mascaras to use.

1. Thickening/Volumizing: Everyone wants their eye lashes to look long and full. Mascara that promotes fuller lashes are often made up of special components to get that full effect. When buying these types of mascaras, the brushes used can vary and also make all the difference. Every company is different, so you have to not only find the mascara that fits you, but that also has the brush you like. Often these types also include lengthening as part of the formula.

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2. Smudge-proof: Smudge-proof mascara is a gift from the heavens. This is a mascara you can apply and forget about having it on. This is the bullet proof vest of mascaras, but of course it comes with a few cons. For one, you will need a make-up remover, preferably oil based, just to get it off. Also, because the mascara is made to stay on, it will unfortunately dry out your lashes as a result. This mascara isn’t really for every day use, but it is still good to have in your stash just in case.

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3. Zero clumps: It’s super annoying when you are applying mascara and end up with a clump on your eyelash. Then, you have to fight to get rid of it, which can end up messing up everything else. Obviously a great buy would be a mascara with zero clumps. Because the formula will be more oil based, you may run into smudging or running but that’s okay. Nobody wants clumpy lashes.

What are some of your top types of Mascaras? Share below.