Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Couple Cheryl Burke & Matthew Lawrence Share Engagement Party PicsCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Couple Cheryl Burke & Matthew Lawrence Share Engagement Party Pics

By Rhodesia Williams

In celebrity news, celebrity couple Cheryl Burke and Matthew Lawrence show us just how beautiful their engagement party was. According to, the couple had a small engagement party with close friends and family. Lawrence proposed to Burke with the same ring Burke’s late father gave her mother when they got engaged. It looks like this pair is looking forward to their celebrity wedding!

In celebrity couple news, Cheryl Burke and Matthew Lawrence celebrated their engagement with a party. What are some unique ways to celebrate your engagement?

Cupid’s Advice:

While weddings are usually traditional, why not try switching it up for your engagement? Cupid has some advice on how to celebrate your engagement in a not so traditional way:

1. Party time: While throwing an engagement party is expected, having your party themed will be different. Celebrate your engagement with style, giving your guests something to remember. Whether you throw an 80’s party or a beach themed party, make sure you celebrate your engagement the way you and your partner likes it.

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2. Food: You know what they say, food makes the heart grow fonder. Invite close friends and family out to eat. While you may think you would have to go to a fancy restaurant, try something different! Going to a BBQ restaurant or something casual is not only cost effective, but it reminds your guests just how you want to celebrate.

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3. Take a trip: A fun way to celebrate your engagement is to take a trip. While you don’t need to go celebrate under the Eiffle Tower, going on a small trip would be exciting. Taking a road trip or jumping on a quick flight is a f un way to celebrate your new engagement. This trip doesn’t necessarily mean you have to bring the whole family, but it is an exciting way to celebrate.

What are some unique ways you would celebrate your engagement? Share below.