Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: Entrepreneur and Football Wife Candice RomoCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: Entrepreneur and Football Wife Candice Romo

Interview by Lori Bizzoco. Written by Haley Lerner.

Candice Romo is an entrepreneur, a mother of three, and a football wife. She grew up in Dallas, Texas with her mother, father and actor brother Chace Crawford. Candice won the title of Miss Missouri USA in 2008 and made the Top 10 for Miss USA 2008. She attended the University of Missouri and graduated with a degree in journalism and a minor in business. During college, Candice worked as a sports anchor and spent her summers interning for the Dallas Cowboys, which is how she met her husband, quarterback Tony Romo. Tony proposed on her 24th birthday and the two were married in May 2011. Now, the couple has three young boys Hawkins, Rivers and Jones. In our exclusive celebrity interview, we talk to Candice about her family life and she fills us in on what it’s like to take a celebrity vacation

Celebrity interview with Candice Romo

In April 2017, Tony retired from the NFL after 14 seasons with the Dallas Cowboys and now has a broadcasting career working for CBS Sports for the NFL telecasts. Since his retirement, Candice said that she gets to enjoy more time with her hubby at home. When asked how she balances everything, Candice says, “It takes a village,” mentioning that her parents live close by and they are active with the Romo children.  “Now that Tony is not playing football anymore, he’s home a lot. He’s been really helpful and I surround myself with other mom friends and we can all help each other out with carpooling and things,” she adds.

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Candice opens up that Tony no longer being in the NFL has made her life much less stressful. “Being in the NFL is kind of like being on a reality show every week. You’re living and dying by these wins and losses, and then of course injuries come into play and you’re stressed every game,” Candice says. There was always the worry, Candice explains, that Tony would get hurt during a game and how that injury would affect his life at home.  “When he was done playing [football],” Candice admits, “there was this underlying weight that I didn’t even know was there that was totally lifted. Of course, we will miss being a part of the NFL family.” Being a part of something larger is “so meaningful and special and we’re always going to miss those times.” However, the Romo couple seems to appreciate their new lifestyle. “Tony is an analyst and is enjoying his new job. I can watch football now like a fan and be entertained and not feel like the whole time I’m stressed out.”

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When asked what her family’s favorite way to vacation is, Candice says that she and Tony love traveling in large groups and bringing their extended family along. As expected, it’s challenging to find somewhere for the whole family to enjoy. “We love being able to go to a place like Kalahari Resorts where it’s kind of like a cruise ship on land. It’s an all-in-one location and for me, that is huge because I’m already packing for five people and I just want to get there and be there and not have to leave.” Candice adds that she loves that there are activities for all family members at the Kalahari Resorts. “The kids can do the waterslides while our grandparents do the lazy river and I can go to the spa while Tony goes to the gym. Then we all reconvene back for dinner. Everyone can go do their own thing and then we can all come back together.”

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