Cupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice: What To Do When Online Dating Isn’t Working For YouCupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice: What To Do When Online Dating Isn’t Working For You

By Lisa Smith

Although online dating is one of the most common ways to meet someone these days, it doesn’t work for everyone. There are several research-based reasons why online dating isn’t actually the best way to meet someone.

For some people, online dating is frustrating because it’s so easy for prospects to present themselves in a way that is much different from who they are in real life. It’s incredibly easy to portray yourself as a great catch and hide your bad qualities in the online world.

Others claim the bigger problem is simply that online dating presents them with too much choice which is too overwhelming.

Overall, many of today’s singles avoid dating apps and websites because they are a time suck. It requires so much time to sift through the bad matches and find someone worth talking to. A great way to waste your time is by chatting with someone online for ages, only to meet them in person and realize there is no connection.

Here is some dating advice if you’re single, and online dating just isn’t working for you.

1. Try Professional Matchmaking.

Working directly with a professional matchmaker is like having a best friend who is on a mission to find your Mr. Right. A matchmaker is a trusted ally who knows exactly what you’re looking for in a partner and wants to find that person for you. By choosing to work with a reputable and elite matchmaking company, you’ll experience what it’s like to only be presented with desirable and appropriate prospects. A matchmaker will also help to remind you not to commit certain dating mistakes, and will basically give you a much-needed pep talk before your first date.

One of the greatest benefits of working with a matchmaker is the screening process. They sift out the inappropriate candidates for you, and screen everyone to ensure they’re only introducing you to someone great. While online dating might overwhelm you with options and present you with an exhausting paradox of choice, matchmakers effectively narrow it down. This saves you time and energy, resulting in a much more positive experience than online dating.

2. Get Set Up.

Getting set up by a friend who has a single friend can definitely work. It might not be as effective as using a professional matchmaker, because there is not the same screening process; however, it doesn’t hurt to let a friend set you up with their single friend. If nobody is offering to do this for you, try asking a few of your friends if they know someone who is in your age group and single. You might spark the idea that there’s someone great they can try setting you up with.

3. Sit At The Bar Alone.

Although it takes some courage to go to a bar by yourself, sitting at the bar alone is a great way to meet someone. Whether it be your neighborhood sports bar or a more upscale venue, sitting at the bar alone makes you approachable. You’d be surprised at how many people will chat with you, as it’s not intimidating for them since you’re sitting there by yourself. You might mistakenly assume that this makes you look like a sad person with no friends. However, it actually makes you look confident and esteemed. You aren’t afraid to grab a drink by yourself, and that shows a sexy confidence. Patrons won’t assume that you have nobody to grab a drink with – they’ll simply think that you’re comfortable being alone. It’s a great quality to be independent and comfortable in your own company.

4. Work On Your Confidence.

How many times have you noticed a beautiful stranger behind you in line at Starbucks, or seen someone who is totally your type in the produce section of the grocery store? By working on your self-confidence and realizing that you have nothing to lose, you might start getting comfortable approaching sexy strangers in real life. With the rise of online dating, fewer people are getting approached or flirted with in real life, and you’ll stand out as being confident if you do this. Remember that the worse thing that can happen is a polite decline, which isn’t so bad.