Cupid's Pulse Article: Parenting Advice: How to Decorate Your Modern NurseryCupid's Pulse Article: Parenting Advice: How to Decorate Your Modern Nursery

By Haley Lerner

When you’re expecting a new child, there are a lot of things to worry about. One of those things is nesting and getting a room all set up to house your new precious baby. So, are you looking to design the perfect nursery for your little tot? We’ve got the parenting advice to help you perfectly decorate a modern nursery for your baby.

Check out our parenting advice on how to decorate your modern nursery!

1. Neutral tones: One way to make your child’s nursery feel really modern is by sticking to neutral colors and avoiding the usual choices like pinks, blues and yellows. Try decorate in shades of gray, white and black. These neutral colors will allow colorful accent pieces in the room to stand out.

2. Fun lighting: Spruce up your nursery with some cool lighting fixtures. Find a light fixture that can be a statement piece in the room. Whether it’s a funky chandelier, contemporary lamps or a neon light sign, go for something that will add character to the room.

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3. Wallpaper: Another way to make a room more modern is by using wallpaper. Pick a wall of the room to be a feature wall and cover it with a funky patterned wallpaper.

4. Mirrors: If you want to make a nursery look bigger and more modern, incorporate several mirrors into the design of the room. It’ll reflect light and make the room look sharper.

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5. Paint the ceiling: Another fun option if you’re bold is to paint the nursery ceiling. If you keep the rest of the room neutral, paint the ceiling with bold bright stripes or a fun, bright color.

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