Cupid's Pulse Article: Beauty Trend: Why Korean Beauty Products Are So PopularCupid's Pulse Article: Beauty Trend: Why Korean Beauty Products Are So Popular

Like in most places, men and women in Korea are very conscious of their appearance and looks. As part of Korean culture, they aspire to be urban and sophisticated, combined with classic Asian conservative values. Skincare is a part of their routine at an early age, regardless of gender, so this becomes second nature to them. Good skincare in Korea is available to everyone, and one can easily find multiple shops around the corner to find the best products. For instance, products like Sulwhasoo specialize in high-quality cosmetics that complement the Koreans’ everyday skincare routines.

In Korea, taking care of your skin is not so difficult because of the entire culture that was built around beauty and skincare. Aside from the cultural factors, however, here are some of the reasons why Korean skin products are so popular:

1. Korean skincare products are popular because Koreans tend to have beautiful skin.

It is natural for people to use products where they see good results. Many of those from Korea have impeccable routines in maintaining their skin. With this maintenance, they spend a good chunk of their income on skincare and beauty products. Korean women spend around twice the amount of money on them as the average American woman, and Korean men also tend to spend more money on their skincare compared to men in other countries.

2. Korean beauty product manufacturers always create new and improved products.

Because of the high demand from the Korean population, companies have created more competitive products with better arguably better formulas. They invest a lot of time, money and effort into their product development, as the population is always ready to try the latest breakthroughs.

Manufacturers seek out new ingredients to enhance the skincare properties of their products, and they give out freebies and samples on the street. These companies are confident in their creations because they use quality botanical ingredients.

3. These products have been created with strict quality control to be able to produce the best quality products for consumers.

They make it sure that these products won’t create any problems with the consumers, as they are so strict with the quality. Because of the intense competition among companies, they also make sure that the price is affordable for everyone and with good results. Due to the high demand in their own country, the rest of the world is blessed with affordable Korean beauty products.

4. Manufacturers produce skin products for all kinds of skin types and problems.

Korean companies make sure that their products are useful and helpful for the consumers. Each individual has their own skin problems, so Korean beauty companies try to create skincare for all types of skin problems in order to try to find a possible niche for marketing purposes. Because of the dedication to pursuing and solving all types of issues, a lot of Korean products are known for being hypoallergenic, organic and safe to use.

5. Manufacturers are aiming not to change natural beauty, but to enhance it.

Korean products are known for their light pigmentation. There will only be a slight difference on your face when you’re wearing Korean makeup and when you aren’t. What this means is that if you have skin problems and you aren’t on any skin care routine, the products won’t do anything to hide your existing skin issues. The memes about people looking really different with and without makeup won’t apply to someone who’s wearing Korean beauty products.