Cupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice: Most Common Dating MistakesCupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice: Most Common Dating Mistakes

While some of us are great when it comes to dating, others may fall into the “beginner” category. Either way, each and every one of us has had to deal with dating and the issues that come along with it at some point. Just as with anything, the ins and outs of dating and relationships have evolved throughout the years. There’s no doubt that there are some drawbacks to dating, but in the end, imperfections can be beautiful.

To get the most out of your dating game, it’s best think about possible pitfalls in advance. Here is some dating advice:

1. Poor communication: In an era where messengers and ridiculously fast transportation are ubiquitous, for some unknown reason, people tend to forget how to communicate. It’s not enough to just have sex and spend a few hours a week going out or eating somewhere. Deeper conversations and even small talk still matter. Ask how she feels today, what she is up to, or what she dreams about. If things work out, you may end up in a serious relationship or married. Can you be happy with a person you know nothing about? No!

2. Online dating problems: Let’s be honest: issues with online dating are infinite and we could devote an entire book to it. But to name a few, there are online dating scammers, addictions to sexting and frequent rotation of partners. You can easily become picky and fastidious, changing partners like underwear. It’s totally not okay, as you never build an emotional bond, which makes your relationship real and authentic.

3. Rushing into things: “Think fast” is really great for work, but when it comes to relationships, rushing into decisions makes very little sense. Predicting how people are going to act is virtually impossible, so take some time to understand your own feelings and whether or not your partner and you truly click. Many people make this mistake while still being in the initial stage of a romantic relationship when everything seems sweet and fine.

4. Over-analyzing everything: This is pretty common. People tend to pay way too much attention to that which does not really matter. Overall, “actions speak louder than words,” as they say. The fact is, we’r’e human, so at times we can be distracted, depressed, moody or just detached. Of course, you want to avoid putting all of the burdens of your emotional state on your partner’s shoulders. If she doesn’t answer your message within 30 minutes, it does not necessarily mean you’re getting the cold shoulder.

5. Not paying enough attention to sex: This one may sound odd, but it actually happens (often times with men especially). They tend to believe that they have natural skills in bed, and there’s no need for training and looking for better approaches. Moreover, there’s a right and wrong for each individual. Sometimes, the simplest things in life are the most complicated.

What are some other potential pitfalls when it comes to dating? Share your thoughts below.