Cupid's Pulse Article: Parenting Trend: Start A Garden With Your ChildrenCupid's Pulse Article: Parenting Trend: Start A Garden With Your Children

By Rhodesia Williams

While your kids may love playing with their electronics, a great parenting trend is starting a garden with your kids! As hot as it can be during the summer months, you can still enjoy this outdoor activity in the mornings and evenings when it’s cooler. Not only are you teaching your kids how to garden, you are teaching them responsibility. Picking out flowers or choosing the seeds you want to plant is just half of the fun. Turn their summer into a learning experience away from their iPads.

A little dirt never hurt anybody! Starting a garden with your children is a cute parenting trend that is fun for everyone.

With kids complaining of boredom or who are too obsessed with electronics, try something new. Gardening is a fun relaxing way to not only teach your kids about nature, but also to give them a sense of responsibility and accomplishment. Here are some benefits of this fun outdoor activity:

1. Responsibility: Enjoy planning and setting up your new garden. After everything is set, work out a watering schedule with your children. Allow them to water and care for their new project. Not only will it keep them busy, but they will learn important life skills around the value of keeping up with your responsibilities.

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2. Quality time: Although the summer months bring a shift in scheduling, this cute activity will allow you and the kids to relax and spend some time together. Taking your kids away from electronics and working on an outside project is good for them. While they have rainy days to enjoy TV and tablets, take the nice, sunny days to be outside and enjoy the fresh air, together.

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3. Never too young to learn: Gardening can help teach your kids the basics of nature and growth. Showing your children how to carefully take care of their plants will encourage them to be accountable. While they will physically see the growth of their plants, you can teach them how plants survive in their environment. Explaining how they grow and the importance of feeding them, watering them and giving them sunlight will keep your kids interested and involved.

What are some other ways gardening will help your kids? Share below.